Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Teases the Battle of Jakku

The desert planet of Jakku has been one of most visible elements in the marketing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it appears that a majority of the film's first act will take place there. It shouldn't come as any surprise that Lucasfilm is pushing the planet in the Force Awakens trailers, since they have big plans for the world in upcoming Star Wars merchandise, including video games.

In the previews, viewers can see the aftermath of a destructive battle that took place between the Rebellion and the Empire on Jakku 29 years before the events of Episode VII. Those curious to see how it all went down will be able to actually take part in the conflict thanks to downloadable content (DLC) for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game.

EA released a brief teaser for the Battle of Jakku level in Battlefront (watch it above) to give gamers a taste of what to expect. The footage looks very intense, as there's fighting happening both on the ground and in the air. This harkens back to a comment made by DICE concept artist Anton Grandert, when he said the objective was to show a battle that's "completely surrounding you."

That element should make the Jakku DLC all the more immersive and challenging to complete. Based on the clip, it's obvious that there's danger lurking at every corner. Imperial walkers are laying waste to Rebel soldiers, and stormtroopers are being shot down by swooping X-wings. There's also a large number of Star Destroyers in the sky, which plays into the David vs. Goliath vibe that the developers were striving for when designing the level.

As the trailer indicates, the Jakku DLC will be made available to all Battlefront players on December 8th at no cost. If a gamer chooses to preorder Battlefront (due for consoles November 17th), they will receive the content a week early. So if you haven't purchased your copy yet, that should give you a little extra incentive.

Star Wars Battlefront - The Battle of Jakku DLC

Star Wars is well-known for breath-taking space battles, but there's been a concentrated effort to move the fight to new environments in the next era of Star Wars media. The third and final trailer for The Force Awakens depicts three aerial dogfights (Jakku, Takodana, Starkiller base), all of which take place within planetary atmospheres instead of outer space. While there's a good chance fans get a new space battle or two by the time the sequel trilogy is over, it's nice to see Lucasfilm mixing things up to craft sequences that are a little more visually interesting for both movies and the games.

Thought the Battlefront game itself is sure to be a memorable trip down nostalgia lane for longtime fans, there's a feeling here that it won't be a complete experience without the Jakku DLC. Not only is it another visually-stunning battlefield to explore, it will also fill in some of the blanks of the new Star Wars canon for curious viewers. Especially since it's free to all Battlefront players, there's no excuse for not downloading this when it comes out.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on consoles November 17th, 2015.

Source: EA

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