Star Wars Battlefront Trailer: Anna Kendrick Fights the Empire

Star Wars mania has officially reached fever pitch. While the wait for The Force Awakens remains unbearable, fans should rest easy knowing that the final month of waiting for the highly anticipated film will be made easier by the release of Star Wars: Battlefront.

A new trailer for the game has been released -- which you can check out above -- that showcases everyone getting in on the action, including Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect 1 & 2).

The latest trailer for the game should prove enough to get any Star Wars fan excited about Battlefront. John Williams' iconic score begins to swell as seemingly normal people from all walks of life begin to disappear one by one -- leaving only their clothes behind. While some may point to the rapture, Star Wars fans will instantly recognize that these people are becoming one with The Force -- like Yoda or Obi-Wan. Eventually even Kendrick excitedly joins in the fun -- transported away from the mundane task of making a sandwich to fight on a battlefield in a galaxy far, far away.

The commercial then shifts away from live-action to the game itself in order to showcase the vast and varied Battlefront gameplay. At its core, this trailer seems to emphasize the level of immersion that the game will provide players -- a feeling even greater than the films can create. Playing Battlefront will effectively make us feel "more powerful" than we could possibly imagine. Everyone in the trailer is shown having some sort of deep personal connection to the franchise, but the game gives them their chance to finally enter the world they love so deeply.

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Live-action trailers for popular video games are nothing new. Over the last decade franchises like Halo and Call of Duty have effectively used them to get fans pumped for their releases. However, Star Wars: Battlefront seems to be going for a different emotional approach than most franchises. The live-action is used less to showcase adrenaline pumping action, and more to make the players more relateable.

Nostalgia has been a major selling point for much of Battlefront's marketing campaign, and showing such normal people -- even a celebrity like Kendrick -- allows consumers to relate to the commercial on a much more personal level. The again, the trailer still shows plenty of bombastic action though the in-game engine, so the developers clearly know we're ready and willing to do battle.

Star Wars Battlefront releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 17th, 2015.

Source: EA Star Wars

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