SR Pick: RIP Luke Skywalker - Crushed to Death on Hoth

Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but between now and December, there'll be plenty of Star Wars to be had. Already, a series of novels and comic books titled Journey to The Force Awakens have begun releasing, with their stories filling in some of the details of what's happened in a galaxy far, far away between Episodes VI and VII. Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels is also on the way, and though that doesn't explicitly tie-in with Episode VII, anything connected with the Skywalker family has the potential to play a role later on.

But it's not all books and TV, ahead of the new Star Wars movie fans will have the chance to lay hands on a new Star Wars video game - the hotly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. The game won't hit shelves until November, but for this weekend only gamers can download and play a free beta on either their PS4s or Xbox Ones to get a taste of what this new Battlefront has to offer.

The beta (and the full game) are exclusive to next-gen consoles, which allow for players to share video of their gaming experiences. And in this video captured by Zephs, we see our hero, Luke Skywalker meet a very unexpected fate during the Battle of Hoth. Give it a watch above!

Oh dear, poor Luke Skywalker! You were our hero, our only hope, and yet you've met such a cruel end being squashed underfoot by an AT-AT!

As was the case with earlier versions of Star Wars Battlefront, players control either a rebel or an imperial, fighting for their assigned faction throughout various modes and maps. During a match, players can gain power-ups that let them briefly control a hero character like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. And as you'd expect, these characters are far more powerful than your average soldier and having one on your team is usually a guarantee your side will pull ahead. Unless, of course, they get flattened by a ginormous AT-AT foot - twice!

Luke Skywalker Crushed to Death in Star Wars Battlefront

When Star Wars Battlefront releases next month, those who pre-ordered the game will gain access to an exclusive DLC called, Battle of Jakku. This DLC will be a brand new experience for Star Wars fans, featuring the battle above the planet of Jakku - the desert planet seen in all The Force Awakens' trailer - which is the final throwdown between the Rebellion and what remains of the Empire. It's why we see Rey speeding past a derelict Super Star Destroyer and crashed X-Wings in the trailers, implying that whatever happened in the skies above Jakku must have been devastating.

Will you be playing Star Wars Battlefront when it releases? Have you tried out the beta? Leave us your impressions (along with your condolences to Skywalker's loved ones) in the comments below!

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17th, 2015 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC via Origin. The Beta will be playable from October 8th through October 12th.

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