Star Wars Battlefront Review Roundup - Exciting But Limited

Star Wars Battlefront Beta launch date revealed

DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront has been on the minds of a lot of people over the past few months. What began as a glimpse of gameplay footage back in March of 2015 quickly turned into an obsession for legions of Star Wars fans and gamers everywhere. Judged by the available online footage, here was a game that took elements of the original Star Wars trilogy and made them playable – all in glorious next gen technology.

As time passed and more of the game was showcased online, information about what to expect was slowly revealed: the game offers 9 modes and 12 maps spread across 4 planets. The single player elements of the game seemed rather limited, but the real appeal for many were the 40 player battles on iconic Star Wars locations such as Hoth or the forests of Endor, as well as the ability to play as iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and/or Darth Vader.

Many gamers were able to test some of these elements out first-hand back in October when Battlefront was available in a limited Beta release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. As of today however, Star Wars Battlefront has officially launched and the reviews are pouring in. While most are delighted with the overall look of the game and its authenticity, the main complaint here is that perhaps the game doesn’t offer its players quite enough.

For more, check out these Star Wars Battlefront review excerpts (and click the respective links to read the full reviews):

Give it a few hours, however, and the allure of this spectacle begins to fade. Soon, you're left to reckon with the fact that while Battlefront excels in making real those dreams of fighting Darth Vader on Hoth, it doesn't nail the rather more prosaic elements of first person shooters.  Score: 7/10

 VideoGamer – Steven Burns

Just as important as the quality of the graphics is the authenticity to the Star Wars universe, with the various characters and vehicle rendered in loving detail and aided by the movies’ peerless sound design and music. But even if you don’t care about that authenticity the spectacle it creates is impossible not to be impressed by.  Score: 8/10

 Metro – David Jenkins

Star Wars Battlefront has had a lot going against it, in spite of a successful beta test, but the final product represents both a collection of the best that DICE has to offer, and also a very unique experience when considered within the confines of the shooter market, a genre currently crammed with different variations of the same experience. You won't find any weapon customisation or squad systems or kill streaks here, instead Battlefront offers a unique feeling when you sit in front of the screen, controller in hand.  Score: 9/10

 Game Reactor – Magnus Groth-Andersen

…Battlefront just isn't balanced for hero-versus-hero combat, so battles that should be epic between Vader and Luke, for example, end up with two masters of the Force blindly swinging at each other, missing and then getting shot by a no-name trooper from behind. It just feels silly.  Score: 8/10

Polygon – Justin Mcelroy

Star wars Battlefront Vader

I've seen Emperor Palpatine corkscrew into a group of Rebels. I also watched a crafty Rebel heave a grenade at an AT-ST as she jetpack jumped over it. I was too amazed to even shoot her. Battlefront excels when it places me in this Star Wars fantasy world, where Leia squares off with Darth Vader, or Han Solo shoulder charges a low-flying TIE Interceptor.  Score: 7/10

 Gamespot – Mike Mahardy

It looks the part of a contemporary first person shooter, the art direction is incredible and the fan service is unrivaled. Any Star Wars fan would be lying if they didn’t get excited the first time they control Vader or Skywalker on the battlefield. But that’s kind of the problem with Star Wars: Battlefront, its gimmicks wear off quickly, and what you’re left with is a rather uninspired first person shooter that doesn’t have any real depth to the gameplay.  Score: 3.5/5

 Attack of the Fanboy – William Schwartz

This is a game designed to make players move, to experience everything on offer, and not to settle or specialise for a specific class or role. It's incredibly refreshing, but anyone who has spent 1000 hours grinding a character in Destiny, or who loves to tinker endlessly with their loadout in COD, will find it overly simple and painfully... fair. Battlefront is specifically designed to welcome players of all capabilities with open arms, and it gives them the tools to score just as many points as the hardcore.  Score: 4/5

 GamesRadar – Andy Hartup

What Battlefront really needs is a more traditional Conquest mode along the lines of what's in Battlefield - a capture-and-control mode capable of escaping the overly-structured feel of the current modes. Unfortunately, the closest thing Battlefront has to such a mode is Droid Run, which features no weapons or heroes and is limited to only 12 players.  Score: 3.5/5

 US Gamer – Kat Bailey

Star Wars Battlefront might not be terribly considerate of solo players and its by-design accessibility might deter DICE’s hardcore Battlefield fans, but there’s no denying the multiplayer is a hell of a lot of fun, and as far as creating the feeling of being part of a Star Wars movie, it doesn’t get any better than this.  Score: 9/10

 Ausgamers – nachosjustice

Star Wars Battlefront beta will be available to everyone

Based on these reviews, Star Wars Battlefront may divide general opinion. There will be those who love Star Wars and can look past any design faults that the game might have, due solely to how welcoming and immersive its ever familiar environments are. These people will find opposition from those who take issue with the game’s apparent lack of balance, variations and depth. There is more to come from the DICE’s Battlefront world, though – The Battle of Jakku will be the first DLC available next month, allowing the game to continue and grow, ultimately providing more to gamers as time passes.

The fact of the matter however, is that first and foremost, this is a game for Star Wars fans. For those who only care about finding the next big first-person shooter to tackle and master, this likely isn’t going to be it. From the sounds of things, Star Wars Battlefront provides more than just a video game experience – it’s an embraceable, fully interactive journey into nostalgia; the closest any of us will ever get to leading a battle in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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