Star Wars Battlefront's January Update: Major Weapon & Item Balancing

Star Wars Battlefront's update includes outfits for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, private matches, and tweaks to weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards.

Star Wars Battlefront - Slave 1 and Millenium Falcon Screenshot

The Star Wars juggernaut continues in 2016 with gamers jumping into EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront in the millions - as the game consistently places in the most played games on Xbox Live list. With last month’s Battle of Jakku DLC leading into the release of The Force Awakens, publisher EA is continuing to support the game in an attempt to keep fans playing.

The publisher, and developer DICE, earned much criticism for announcing Battlefront's $50 season pass prior to the launch of the title, with fellow holiday shooters like Halo 5 and Rainbow Six Siege promising free map packs, as competition among the triple-A franchise releases increases. Last week, EA teased what fans could expect in the January 2016 content update, which includes a new map and some outfits for Luke among other things. The publisher has since confirmed what today's patch adds to the game alongside detailing what players can expect from the Star Wars Battlefront's upcoming pay-for-it expansions.

Various Star Wars Battlefront weapons have had their damage values and recharge times tweaked in today's update; playable heroes Han Solo and Boba Fett suffer decreases to weapon damage over a distance; and respawn delays have been added to some vehicles – with the Millennium Falcon and Slave I having their health decreased by 30%. A deluge of bug fixes have also been addressed, including a highly desired fix wherein hitting the melee button without making contact would stop a player dead in their tracks for around a second. Full patch notes can be read below:

Star Wars Battlefront Cold Front Hoth DLC

Additional Content/Functionality:

Weapon and Star Card changes:

Vehicle Changes:

Game Mode Changes:

  • Walker Assault 20
  • Supremacy 20
  • Dropzone 4
  • Blast 4
  • Cargo 4
  • Fighter Squadron 4
  • Hero Hunt 4
  • Droid Run 4
  • Heroes Vs Villains 4
  • Turning Point 20

Hero Changes:

Bug Fixes:

Interestingly, the new Tatooine map that had been rumored doesn’t make it to January’s update, although it may have referred to a map taking place on Jabba the Hutt’s palace that will be included in Battlefront’s first of four expansions that EA recently detailed. The inclusion of private matches might be the biggest addition to the update, as players and organizations might be interested in setting up tournaments for the shooter, although EA doesn't seem to be interested in e-Sports for Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefront launched November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One,.

Source: EA

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