Star Wars Battlefront: Interactive Planetary Tour

A new trailer and interactive website take fans deep into the worlds that will be visited in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game.

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In a trailer released yesterday (at the time of writing) and a new interactive website to go along with it, EA showed off more of the planets that players will be able to explore in the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. Previously, only screens were shown of some of the planets with Hoth and Tatooine being playable in the demo, but the trailer and the interactive website show off all of the planets in much greater detail.

Shown from both the Imperial and the Rebel sides, the interactive tour gives players the chance to preview some of the worlds, weapons, modes, character models and some of the heroes that will eventually be available to play with, like Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine. Though more are presumably in the works, Hoth, Sollust, Tatooine, and Endor are the ones currently available for the interactive tour.

Missions for single player and co-op are also described and shown off in greater detail, with the chance to ride a speeder bike on Endor, duking it team versus hero in Hero Hunt, dogfighting above the ground in Fighter Squadron and plenty more available. Some of the unlocks are also seen, with some alien races like the Quarren and Ishi Tib available and iconic movie vehicles like the AT-AT, A-Wing, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and Slave I being made available for gamers to pilot.

Star Wars Battlefront - The Battle of Jakku

Though it’s still not certain if there is a campaign mode for the game just yet, there looks to be a multitude of single-player and co-op game modes that are more in-depth than your standard Capture-the-Flag multiplayer mode. It still remains to be seen what else DICE and EA have planned down the road, but the interactive tour is hopefully only the tip of the iceberg. Unlocks are also planned to be player performance based, so micro-transactions will also hopefully not be a part of the game and alleviate some of the sticker shock of the season pass and DLCs further down the road.

It’s not hard to see DICE’s pedigree for massive player versus player action in the tour as well as various gameplay trailers and Let’s Plays available. Though they may have stuttered with the release of Battlefield 4, it looks like plenty of care has been taken to make sure the decade long wait of the fan favorite Battlefront series will have been worth it. Even the dedication of the team behind the game is up for display. Images and movies are available on the website of members of the development team exploring a variety of locations to recreate the planets as faithfully as they possibly can, including John Muir woods to recreate Endor and Death Valley and Dubai for Tatooine.

Star Wars Battlefront drops on November 17th on the Xbox One, PS4 consoles and is available for download via EA’s distribution service Origin on the PC. 

Source: EA Battlefront Website, Making Star Wars

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