Star Wars Battlefront's Free DLC & Season Pass Details Unveiled

Star Wars Battlefront title screen

[Update: Star Wars Battlefront's January patch is now out with major weapon/vehicle/card tweaks - details here!]

Though some fans' reaction to Star Wars Battlefront were at best lukewarm (including our own), the game performed quite well for EA Games, easily beating their initial sales forecast. That boost in sales can likely be credited to a few factors, including the holiday shopping season and the enormous excitement surrounding anything Star Wars, but what's key with any shooter like Battlefront isn't just selling copies - it's keeping players engaged long after its release.

Most games achieve continued interest through DLC (downloadable content) and Star Wars Battlefront is no different, already offering players a free DLC - Battle for Jakku - that included a new map and game mode. However, moving forward most DLCs will be available either through individual purchase or a season pass, with the first planned paid DLC to drop early 2016. There's been no word on just what the upcoming DLC will offer, but EA had earlier teased some sort of announcement concerning Star Wars Battlefront for today.

Here's the tweet from the official EA Star Wars account yesterday that teased a "cold front" was on the way:

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