Star Wars Battlefront Update Adds New Map and Mission For Free

Star Wars Battlefront - Endor

Star Wars Battlefront is experiencing impressive yet predictable success. It has surpassed publisher Electronic Arts’ expectations in terms of sales and has understandable received a boost in popularity since Episode VII - The Force Awakens’ release. It helps that it is also happens to be a decent online shooter. Accessible too, which may disappoint some of the more hardcore fans of the genre, but the ability to pick up and play Battlefront without needing to be an expert has certainly helped it reach a wider audience.

Some fans, including Force Awakens star John Boyega, still feel like the game would be better served if EA offered players a substantial amount of single-player focused content but even if they don’t, offering new, free content alongside what comes as part of the season pass, is what will keep players loyal and elongate the title’s lifespan. EA has been doing just that and they have now revealed that this month’s patch will include a new mission and a new map at no added cost.

In a post on EA’s official Star Wars Battlefront forum, community manager Sledgehammer70 first posted that there would be server downtime in order to get the latest patch up and running. In a separate post, the patch notes revealed that additional content made available will include: Survivors of Endor map added to Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point game modes. In addition, Rebel Depot on Tatooine is added as a new Survival Mission. The update was rolled out in the early hours of the morning and so should already be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for those in the US.

Additional Content/Functionality

This may be the last in terms of free add-ons that the game will provide for a while since paid content is coming up next. Previous updates gave players alternative hero costumes for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo but the crowning jewel was no doubt the Battle of Jakku that allowed fans to fight in a location straight from Force Awakens. Ever since then fans have been clamoring for more content that will link to the new movies. However, it seems that DICE will remain concentrating on the original trilogy and downloadable content that players will have to spend hard earned cash on.

EA has already detailed the content included for first paid for DLC, as part of what some have criticized as a pricey season pass on top of a base game lacking content. The Outer Rim pack will include two new heroes including Greedo and Nien Nunb. It also includes a new game mode, Extraction, which sees Imperial forces trying to stop the Rebels from reaching precious cargo. At least three more packs are expected to be released up to early 2017 that will introduce other iconic locations from the Star Wars saga. Many are still skeptical about spending so much, essentially the cost of a full priced game, on downloadable content although the Death Star pack that will be released later this year will probably make a lot of fans reconsider whether or not to spend the extra amount. A good Death Star dogfight with Battlefront's outstanding graphics and film like sound may end up being irresistible.

Star Wars Battlefront is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: EA

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