First Star Wars Battlefront DLC Arrives in Early 2016

Star Wars Battlefront - First DLC in 2016

With just a month to go before Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens finally opens in theaters, fans around the world are hungrily consuming tie-in comics and merchandise at an impressive rate. Aiming to capitalize on the growing excitement (as well as the nostalgia of longtime fans) is DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, the newest game from the developer.

The game is a new entry in the popular Battlefront series, putting players on the front lines of some of the biggest battles from the Galactic Civil War. The game has earned generally positive reviews at launch and will likely provide stiff competition for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as the year's most successful first-person shooter. Launching alongside the game is a $50 season pass that promises to take players to new universes entirely.

Today, Electronic Arts revealed new details about the season pass and what will be included in the purchase. The publisher stated that over the course of the season, DLC will be released in four separate expansion packs. Within those four packs will be a total of twenty new pieces of Star Wars tech, four new playable hero characters, four new game modes and sixteen additional multiplayer maps. Specific details about the new additions have yet to be released.

Players who purchase the season pass will gain access to the four expansion packs two weeks before the rest of the players. The first expansion is set for launch in early 2016. Those who purchase the pass will also receive an exclusive emote called "Shoot First," most likely a reference to George Lucas' infamous editing of the Cantina scene in A New Hope.

It's worth noting that the previously announced Battle of Jakku DLC that ties into The Force Awakens is not included in the season pass. That particular expansion will be free for all players, with those who preordered Battlefront having access to the new content on December 1st. Players that didn't preorder the game will have access on December 8th.

Star Wars Battlefront Luke Skywalker

Though there was initially hesitation about the season pass considering the price point  and the relative uncertainty of the content, it seems that there's more than enough content to justify the purchase. The new maps and modes will go a long way toward extending Battlefront's multiplayer lifespan, rewarding loyal players on a (presumably) regular schedule.

The most exciting aspect of the season pass are the numerous possibilities for maps and heroes. One pack could be dedicated to The Clone Wars era while another could encapsulate the events of The Force Awakens. There would even be room to return to some of the series' classic maps and modes before the final pack ties directly into Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. DICE already has plenty of characters and locales to choose from - and with the franchise continuing to grow, it wouldn't be surprising if the developer has a second season of content already in the planning stages.

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Star Wars Battlefront and the season pass are available now.

Source: EA

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