More Star Wars Battlefront Future Content Unofficially Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront - Outer Rim content

Star Wars Battlefront downloadable content seems to be like franchise reboots these days. You wait so long for news on when one is going to turn up and then several arrive almost one after the other. It was only recently announced that the game would be getting a brand new map and mission at no extra cost as part of this month’s patch update. Fantastic news, especially considering the cost of the season pass.

Speculatively it seemed that that could be the game’s last add on content in terms of freebies, with developers DICE looking to focus on the upcoming paid for content. The first pack that is part of the much discussed season pass is approaching release fast. We know it’s called Outer Rim and that it offers a new game mode as well as the chance to fight inside Jabba’s palace. Now, it seems that the Hutt will be offering up all players another game mode - and according to the latest report on the matter, it will also be made available for free.

Per Eurogamer, footage from an unlisted EA video on YouTube has surfaced through other channels and it shows a screen of text claiming ‘Hutt Contracts’ are coming soon. The montage footage also shown in the video hints that this new mode will not be exclusive to the Outer Rim pack and possibly playable on any map already available in the game. The logistics of how the mode will work is not known but with it being called ‘contracts’ and the front man being the Star Wars universe’s mafia boss Jabba the Hutt, players should expect to play a bounty hunter. Perhaps one player will be marked as the target, while the rest try and hunt them down. Maybe each player will have their own unique target amongst a possible of 20 or so other players in a round? It will need to differ somewhat to the Heroes Hunter mode that sees every player team up against one player controlling Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Boba Fett (to name just a few). You can check out the relevant Battlefront screenshot below.

Star Wars Battlefront - Jabba weapon

The brief clip also states that you can unlock new gear before showing Jabba himself presenting a hologram of a couple of guns that will be up for grabs. The most eagle of eye fans should notice that they have been lifted straight from the original Star Wars film trilogy. First is a pistol, the DL-18, which is recognisably the same one that Luke points at Jabba in Return of the Jedi.  Fans have had a little more trouble identifying the second weapon, a long-range scoped rifle but many believe it to be Dengar’s Blaster. Dengar is a bounty hunter with deep ties in Star Wars lore. He appears in the Clone Wars animated series, working alongside Boba Fett and taking jobs for the Hutt cartel. He’s also present when Luke turns up at Jabba’s palace to rescue Han Solo in Return of the Jedi. Great to see DICE are continuing to have items so true to the source material.

If this does turn out to be another free addition to Battlefront, then hopefully it means DICE and EA are not going to give up the free goods when their season pass content starts to be released. The Outer Rim pack is expected this month, so a game mode featuring the character who lives there will more than likely land at the same time.

Star Wars Battlefront is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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