Star Wars: Battlefront 'Bespin' Trailer Returns to Cloud City

Battlefront Bespin

Given the demand for all things Star Wars over the years, it’s hardly surprising that the love of the franchise has maintained a consistent presence in the video gaming community. Perpetually evolving and expanding alongside the consoles themselves, Star Wars games are always aiming for that mark of total immersion – often achieving mixed results in the process.

When EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront was released in November of last year, fans had been treated to months of sneak peeks and hype. Here was a game that seemed to completely get everything about Star Wars right. Huge battles waged within the forests of Endor, armies racing to battle stations while AT-ATs tramped through the snowy no man’s land of Hoth; it was all there – or so fans believed.

While many were pleased with Star Wars Battlefront, there remained a constant refrain from gamers that Battlefront’s maps were too limited and that even these battles – as true to the original films as they seemed – were lacking in substance. Since that time, more DLC has been offered and now EA has officially revealed the trailer to their latest DLC, Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin. You can check out the brand new challenges offered in the trailer above.

Battlefront Bespin

The latest content enables players to venture into the deceptively tranquil-looking landscapes of Cloud City on the planet of Bespin. Star Wars fans will remember the setting from The Empire Strikes Back as the home of Lando Calrissian – the one-time smuggler and friend of Han Solo who operates as the administrator of Cloud City. Bespin not only features Calrissian in its gameplay, but also bounty hunter Dengar. In addition to these new characters, the game contains five new multiplayer maps that will allow players to do battle in and around the Administrator’s Palace as well as within the corridors of the Carbon-Freezing Chambers where Han Solo was famously cast in carbonite. The game also offers a new mode, new weapons and gear including shock grenades, blasters and binoculars, as well as the ability to fly a Cloud Car.

What’s on display here is impressive, with its entire environment sleek and appealing, but for some the progress that EA is now making with Battlefront is a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. After all, the developers have admitted that they rushed the initial release of the game to coincide with the theatrical release of The Force Awakens. For this reason, Battlefront’s possibilities seem truncated; rather than giving fans one massive (and likely unforgettable) single player world to play in as well as the multiplayer option, the game is now reduced to installments, portioned out infrequently and somewhat limited in scope.

All nit-picking aside, Star Wars: Battlefront remains the closest thing gamers have to experiencing the intensity of battle in a galaxy far, far away. With more Star Wars games on the way from EA, hopefully what the developers have learned from Battlefront’s successes and failures will help transition into games that further elevate one of the greatest franchises in history.

Star Wars: Battlefront Bespin will be available June 21 for season pass holders.

Source: EA

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