Star Wars Battlefront 2 Video Reveals the Imperial Story Mode

Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2

A new behind-the-scenes video reveals more details from Star Wars: Battlefront II's story mode, and in many ways, EA's Battlefront sequel comes as an answer to many of the complaints that the studio's first Star Wars: Battlefront received. While the 2015 Battlefront was praised by many for its multiplayer gameplay, the game was criticized by many for not having a playable story mode, which led to the studio putting a heavy focus on creating a unique and compelling story experience with the upcoming sequel. And in a surprising turn of events, the story mode will take the perspective of an Imperial Soldier, something that no other Star Wars game, film, or TV show has really fully explored before.

That soldier will be Iden Versio (Janina Gavankar) a cutthroat Imperial soldier, and the leader of the Empire's Inferno Squad, a faction of special operatives in the Empire who are all but unknown by the outside world. The first trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II gave fans their first look at what Iden's perspective of the universe is, and with every new piece of information revealed about her, Iden is looking more and more like a unique and compelling character in the Star Wars universe.

In anticipation of Star Wars: Battlefront II's release in a few months, EA has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette from the game online today. With special interviews by many of the actors involved in the game, including Gavankar, Paul Blackthorne, T.J. Ramini, Anthony Skordi, and more, the video reveals some exciting new details about each of the characters in Iden's Inferno Squad. You can check out the featurette for yourself in the space above.

Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Just by itself, the idea of following a character who's a willing participant in the Empire's actions makes for an interesting kind of story, but in case that wasn't enough, Star Wars: Battlefront II also set Iden's story in the events during and after Return of the Jedi, when the Empire was defeated. That not only opens up the opportunity for fans to see the Empire, like Gavankar points out, as an underdog for the first time -- but gives the characters a wide array of options to take with their futures, now that they're no longer obligated to follow the orders of the Emperor.

By giving the story mode an ensemble of main characters, the game will be able to play around with multiple different Imperial perspectives, from Iden's trained and Hask's (Blackthorne) fanatical views of the Empire, to Del's (Ramini) more laid back outlook on the galaxy. And seeing how exactly those perspectives change and inform the actions and interactions between the characters as the story progresses should prove to be just as interesting as the game's likely intense action sequences. Now, there's no telling if the existence of this story mode will cure all complaints about Star Wars: Battlefront II when it's released, but the studio's decision to make the story mode such a philosophically charged campaign, certainly gives it an added, unique edge.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be available in stores November 17, 2017.

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