Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer Drops Big Reveals

EA just dropped a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II full of new information about characters and locations we'll see in the single player campaign. So far, EA hasn’t revealed much about the single player, but this new trailer sheds light on the story.

You may remember that the first EA developed Battlefront didn’t feature a campaign mode at all, much to the chagrin of new trilogy star John Boyega. Battlefront II’s new single player mode sees the player take control of Iden Versio, leader of one of the Empire’s most elite special forces units – Inferno Squad. The story is set shortly after Return of the Jedi, after the second Death Star is destroyed and both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are dead.

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The trailer starts with new footage, showing Versio handcuffed and locked in a cell. Her droid, an ID9 seeker, somehow manages to sneak in and free her. Versio sarcastically salutes her rebel pursuers as she jumps out of an airlock and into space. Most of what we see next are bits and pieces we’ve already seen in other trailers, like Inferno Squad watching as the second Death Star is destroyed, and Iden’s father, Admiral Garrick Versio, informing her that the Emperor is dead. After that, things get more interesting.

We see a brief snippet of gameplay featuring Iden flying a TIE Fighter, before a massive space battle in which the Rebellion seem to be losing quite badly. Then the big reveals come. First up we see Takodana and Maz Kanata’s wonderfully colorful bar/castle, followed soon after by the reveal of both Maz herself, and Princess Leia.

And that’s pretty much the end of the trailer. The reveal of both Maz and Leia was clearly intended to be the big climatic moment of the footage, and it certainly was. We now have even more questions about the single player than before. Did Carrie Fisher provide lines for Leia before she tragically passed away last December? How big a role will Leia, Maz, and the previously revealed Luke Skywalker have in the game?

Perhaps the most important question, however, is why haven’t we seen any gameplay from the single player? Of all the trailers for the campaign mode so far, we’ve only got brief glimpses of first person footage, but no real gameplay. EA clearly values the multiplayer mode over the single player with how much they’ve pushed that with multiple trailers (including one featuring Boyega) and an extended public beta. But why are they hiding the single player? Fans want to see how the squad mechanics work, and especially how Iden’s ID9 droid will come into play. It’s worth noting that EA closed Visceral Studios mere days ago for what many gamers think was for their development of a single player only Star Wars game.

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Star Wars Battlefront II hits store shelves worldwide on Friday, November 17.

Source: EA Star Wars

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