Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rise of Skywalker Content is Coming Soon

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 has delayed November's update until December but will also be adding Star Wars Episode XI: Rise of Skywalker content to coincide with next month's film release. Although Star Wars Battlefront 2 was considered by the creators to at one point be DICE's lowest moment due to the massive controversy around the game's microtransactions and forced level grinding upon launch, eventually a plethora of free content including co-op and Clone Wars updates was enough to bring some players back into the game.

Just over a month away from Episode XI's release, which has been advertised as the end of the Skywalker saga, multiple rumors have been circulating about how the series will play itself out, especially considering the reveal of Emperor Palpatine as a still-present antagonist. While it's not known exactly how the Sith lord survived being thrown into a giant pit at the end of Return of the Jedi (some people have posited perhaps he turned himself into force energy) what is definitely not a rumor is the fact December will be absolutely stuffed with Star Wars content in all shapes and sizes.

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As reported by Game Rant and confirmed via TwitterStar Wars Battlefront 2 will be releasing a content pack to coincide with The Rise of Skywalker's theater debut. An update to the game was previously planned for November, but it has since been pushed back slightly and instead December will be seeing Star Wars Battlefront 2 receiving two game content updates instead of just one. According to EA DICE Global Community Lead Ben Walke, no previous content has been cut, just delayed.

While there is no word yet on an exact release date for Rise of Skywalker content in Battlefront 2, it's likely the update will come to the game before the movie itself is released in theaters worldwide. Both The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens also had content updates in EA's Star Was-themed Battlefield titles, and in both of those cases the movie content was included in game before the films were available worldwide.

Although nothing has been said about just what Rise of Skywalker characters or locations will make it into Star Wars Battlefrontit's likely new characters like the shady criminal Zorri Bliss will make an appearance. Whether or not the Emperor himself will be playable is something which is sure to interest long-time fans of the series, and although his inclusion and appearance in the game may spoil certain aspects of the film if it occurs, surely players would be excited to be able to play as one of the most powerful Sith lords of all time.

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Source: Game Rant/Twitter

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