Relax, EA Hasn't Removed Star Wars: Battlefront II Refund Button

EA is having a tough week with regard to Star Wars: Battlefront II, but the latest accusation leveled at the company, though interesting, is actually misleading. The video game publisher has been on the receiving end of numerous complaints since the open beta for Battlefront II closed last month. Although Battlefront II is an improvement on DICE's 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront reboot, with the sequel containing a single-player campaign as well as content that spans across the entire Star Wars saga, it's all being bogged down by the game's predatory microtransactions.

A constant barrage of objections from consumers has forced EA to change their policies, but only to an extent that still works in their favor. Battlefront II's Hero unlock costs have been cut by 75 percent across the board, with characters like Darth Vader now costing players 15,000 credits instead of 60,000. However, EA also reduced the number of credits players get from completing the game's 4-5 hour campaign by 75 percent, from 20,000 down to just 5,000. And that means players still can't unlock at least one of the top-tier Heroes from finishing the story. EA has certainly botched Battlefront II in many ways, but a recent allegation is actually false.

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A post on Reddit by user puga1505 indicates that EA has removed the "refund" button for Star Wars: Battlefront II pre-orders on Origin. Considering the PR nightmare that EA is undergoing, the response is certainly believable, but it's untrue. EA didn't remove the game's "refund" option because it simply never existed in the first place - and not just for Battlefront II, but for all games available for pre-order on their Origin service.

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Consumers who pre-ordered Battlefront II can still have their game refunded, but they would need to contact EA's customer service to do so. Still, if consumers don't have the time or simply don't want to contact EA's customer service to refund their game, they can wait until the game releases this Friday and then refund their purchase via Origin's Great Game Guarantee program. It's not ideal, but at least it's something. Of course, the fact that there isn't a refund option for pre-orders on the platform is itself a bit troubling, but that's a discussion that goes back years.

Star Wars: Battlefront II had the potential to right the wrongs that DICE made with the first Battlefront game. While the sequel is certainly promising and may still sell well due to the fact that it's a Star Wars game, it's unknown at this time how much of an impact the game's backlash will have on the company and the industry as a whole.

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