Star Wars: Battlefront 2's The Last Jedi Season Trailer

EA announces the upcoming arrival of Star Wars Battlefront II's first season DLC via a special trailer. And given that we are just a week away from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it is no surprise that the new downloadable content is set in the era of the ongoing trilogy sequel.

The Rian Jonshon-directed and written film is all set for its grand debut with Lucasfilm continuing to promote the movie to keep the hype running until next week. Granted, it doesn't need much more hyping, considering the box office tracking indicates Last Jedi will be on par (though below) The Force Awakens with an impressive $200 million opening weekend. With fans already obviously buzzing to see where The Last Jedi will lead our heroes and villains, it makes sense that Battlefront II is capitalizing on that, hoping that people's interest in the film will spill over to the video game.


Clocking in at just a minute and 22 seconds, the trailer puts The Last Jedi characters who will soon be playable in the game, Finn and Captain Phasma, at the forefront. While the Chrometrooper is seen leading the charge in what looks to be the First Order's space station, her former employee is pumping up the Resistance troops in Crait. It's interesting how much attention is given to a Phasma-Finn showdown as seen in the trailers for the film that they actually headline this Battlefront II clip. Gamers are given the choice to choose their allegiance before they partake in an intense ground and space battle. Check out the clip above.

Released just last month, what appeared to be a promising title was quickly weighed down by a lot of controversies, specifically surrounding its progression scheme. In fact, even before Battlefront II was widely made available, fans who got first dibs on the game have already aired their frustrations rooted in its problematic loot box system that technically force people to spend extra money (or ridiculous amount of time playing) if they want to unlock certain features and content that, frankly, make the game appealing in the first place. The issues have become so apparent that EA has even decided to temporarily shut-off microtransactions, but even that could not completely salvage the game as its bad publicity has resulted in a dip in EA stock prices.

Indeed, the trailer was enticing, but it's hard not to consider all the bad press clouding Star Wars Battlefront II when it comes to gauging players' response to this first season of updates for the game. After all, the first  Star Wars Battlefront was also marred by problems basically rooted on the publisher's predatory tactics when it comes to monetizing the title fully knowing that people will be more willing to spend money given that it has the Star Wars brand. If anything, the fact that the DLC, which the bulk of will roll out on December 13, will be free for all customers could help people ease up on EA.


Source: EA

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  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
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