Brief Leaked Images From Star Wars: Battlefront II

A new photo and video appears to leak early gameplay footage from Star: Wars Battlefront II. EA's much-anticipated sequel to 2015's Battlefront doesn't come out until Nov. 14, but EA has set a world premiere date of June 10 at the upcoming EA Play event in Hollywood. It will be the first time fans get their hands on actual gameplay from the sprawling Battlefront II, which is reportedly three times larger than its predecessor.

Battlefront II has already confirmed that all eras are playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. There will be no DLC season pass, but EA teases that "something better" will be available. It remains to be seen what the actual gameplay will look like in Battlefront II as fans patiently await EA's premiere on June 10, but an early glimpse may have just surfaced online.

As seen first on Reddit on Saturday, user "InternetPerson9000" posted a photo to the "Star Wars Leaks" subreddit purported to be a "possible leaked menu layout" for Battlefront II ahead of the June 10 gameplay premiere. The photo shows one of the playable stormtrooper characters, following up the first look at Kylo Ren and Rey. However, the top two highest-voted comments are both skeptical, but acknowledge that the photo could be from an early version of the game with incomplete graphics.

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First Order Stormtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Meanwhile, over at Relevant Gaming is a very brief leaked video clip - about two seconds worth - of what appears to be actual gameplay from Battlefront II. The quick two-second clip appears to show a droid opening a doorway for a rebel soldier trying to advance through a level, as an Imperial trooper knocks the rebel soldier down from behind. The article notes that the clip appears to be from a single-player mission as a member of the Imperial special ops team known as the "Inferno Squad."

The clip may be super-brief and coming from an earlier version of the game, but it's still a good little glimpse into the story mode that will put players in the shoes of an Imperial officer. If the leaked image is legitimate, it also shows reworked customization menus for characters. Although gamers only need to wait until June 10 to get the first official look at Battlefront II gameplay, this leaked content is much welcome for those who don't mind being spoiled.

Still, the Reddit image is nonetheless unconfirmed and comments speculate that it could be Photoshopped. Also, it is unclear which stage of development the game was at when the leaked video was recorded and the clip could look much different from the final product. Ultimately, it won't be truly known how the gameplay looks in Star Wars: Battlefront II until it premieres at EA Play.

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Source: Reddit, Relevant Gaming

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