Star Wars: Battlefront II Gets New Han Solo Content

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Star Wars: Battlefront II is celebrating the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story in style with brand-new content. Ahead of the movie's release on May 25, Star Wars: Battlefront II will launch a Han Solo season. The season will come with a bunch of new modes, maps and skins, all of which will relate back to the galaxy's favorite smuggler.

This isn't the first time that Battlefront II has used the release of a new Star Wars movie to add new content to the game. Around the time of The Last Jedi, a sizable update to the game (featuring the planet Crait) finished off its story mode campaign, which had ended on a cliffhanger upon release. Battlefront 2's Han Solo season won't bring new story content but it'll have everything else fans could want in an update.

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EA announced the changes to the game on the official Star Wars: Battlefront 2 website. The game was recently updated with a new, limited (and very fun) mode Ewok Hunt. Ewok Hunt cast players as opposing teams of Stormtroopers and the Ewoks who were hunting them from the shadows. The Han Solo season will be much more robust.

Right off the bat, Battlefront II will adding the map of Jabba's Palace (part of the Outer Rim DLC in EA's first Battlefront) into the game. It's currently unclear if the map added to Battlefront II will be an exact replica of the map from the first game, or there will be new locations and a layout. However, fans will be able to play games in Jabba's Palace in modes Blast, Hero Showdown or Heroes vs. Villains.

Speaking of Hero Showdown, it's first of the new two modes that Han Solo season will add to the game. The mode will function very similarly to Heroes vs. Villains. Yet instead of it being a team of heroes going up against a team of villains, players will compete in duos. Using the classic partnership of Han and Chewbacca as a basis, Battlefront II players will be able to mix and match canon-breaking duos like Darth Vader and Captain Phasma vs. Finn and Yoda. In addition, Han Solo season will add a new custom Starfighter mode to the Arcade. This'll allow players practice their flying skills without the threat of real-life (and much better) online opponents.

Lastly, Han Solo season will add some new skins and appearances to the game. Battlefront II adding cosmetic features is how the game has put back in its controversial microtransactions, but in a way that doesn't impact gameplay at all. To acquire the new looks in Battlefront II is going to take (a lot of) effort but Han Solo season will add new skins for Leia and Lando, taken from the opening of Return of the Jedi. Players with enough credits (or crystals) can receive Boussh the bounty hunter's gear (with new voice-over lines) or Lando's Skiff guard armor. There sadly is no Donald Glover skin for Lando yet.

Since its release, Star Wars: Battlefront II has been fighting on the back foot with fans. The loot boxes and progression system the game launched with were a total disaster. It severely impacted the sales and figures came far under what was expected. Yet new (free) content like Han Solo season is a very much a step in the right direction. Whether it'll really entice players to return, or bring new ones in, remains to be seen but at least EA is trying.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will launch Han Solo season on May 16.

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