Star Wars: Battlefront II Seems Like An Expensive Beta

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Although the main release of Star Wars: Battlefront II is now only hours away, developer DICE is still making changes to the title. Star Wars: Battlefront II has been the subject of much controversy in the run-up to its launch, with major progression problems and criticism over the game's loot box mechanics dominating discussion.

The reception to the game's economy has resulted in DICE making some significant changes, such as the recent move to cut back the time required to unlock iconic Star Wars heroes. However, this has certainly come at a price, with early players stating that it is making the game feel more like an expensive beta than a fully-fledged AAA release.

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The frustrations of the Star Wars gaming fanbase can be heard loud and clear over on Reddit, where DICE developers held an AMA session. Clearly not put off by the fact that EA's response to Star Wars: Battlefront II player complaints is the most downvoted Reddit post ever, executive producer John Wasilczyk, associate design director Dennis Brannvall, and producer Paul Keslin took to Reddit to answer fan questions. However, DICE's reliance on promising further adjustments within the game has not gone down well.

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As a matter of fact, it's partly these continuous tweaks that are making Star Wars: Battlefront II into a disjointed experience for early players. The game's open beta earned major backlash and some last minute loot crate changes, but with the title's progression system so entwined with its microtransaction economy, Star Wars: Battlefront II feels far from the finished article.

As it stands, the game has some major problems, with players criticizing the timewall limits to earning credits in Arcade Mode and a lack of a real squad system. When it comes to the latter, DICE has promised that it is "currently prototyping an update" to spawn waves that will allow parties to stay together - but with no specific timeline in place, it's fair to say that players are skeptical at best.

Given that Star Wars: Battlefront II has already been through beta testing, as well as seeing an early trial release for Origin Access, it's surprising to see Battlefront II in such an awkward position. Since the core game alone costs $60 at launch, the community is hardly happy with a product that requires 4528 hours or $2100 to unlock all content, particularly when there are still a host of other glitches and spawning bugs to be ironed out. Although Battlefront II sits firmly in the 'games as a service' camp, it's fair to say that more is expected of the game than the title is currently providing.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II releases November 17 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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