Baby Yoda is Getting Modded into Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Mandalorian's fan-favorite character Baby Yoda will make an appearance in Star Wars Battlefront 2, thanks to a fan mod currently in development.

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The actual star of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda, is coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2, thanks to the efforts of one modder. Fans were hard at work on Baby Yoda-inspired projects even before the new mod was revealed, with one even making their own unofficial Baby Yoda plush toy.

Since debuting in the first episode of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm, dominating conversations about the show, which has quite a few other things going for it as well. Fan art and gifs began circulating almost as soon as the adorable alien appeared on screen, leading to Giphy temporarily pulling Baby Yoda gifs, citing “confusion” over whether they were actually permitted on the site. Despite that hitch, Baby Yoda remains as popular as ever. Even The Mandalorian co-star Werner Herzog reportedly fell for Baby Yoda, insisting that the production use a puppet instead of CGI and treating it like a living thing on set.

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It’s no surprise that modders would start their own tributes to Baby Yoda sooner or later. Modder Nanobuds shared their initial efforts on Reddit, posting a picture of a Baby Yoda character model in Battlefront 2. Nanobuds has previously modded several different versions of Darth Vader into Battlefront 2 and recently posted their progress bringing Sans from Undertale into the game on Twitter. There’s no word yet on when the Baby Yoda mod might be ready.

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Battlefront 2 had a disastrous launch that looked like it might doom the game to failure, but after removing its famously awful microtransactions, developer DICE has completely turned the game around. In the last year, the game has had a major resurgence, bringing it lots of new content updates and a thriving modding scene. Characters and locations from all across the Star Wars canon have been added, and in December, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting Rise of the Skywalker content in a new update.

It doesn’t look like the cute, frog-eating creature is going out of style any time soon, with even Star Wars star Daisy Ridley saying Baby Yoda is cuter than the Porgs from her own film. While that’s good news for Baby Yoda fans, it also means this likely won’t be the last time players will have to face the horrifying possibility of seeing the galaxy’s most adorable alien be killed in a video game. Until that day comes, though, there’s still a seemingly endless amount of Baby Yoda fan art out there to enjoy.

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Source:  Nanobuds1220/Reddit

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