All Playable Heroes And Villains Confirmed For Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront II EA Rey Inferno Squad Darth Maul

This year brings with it not only the next installment of the Star Wars saga -- Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi --  but a sequel to 2015's Star Wars Battlefront. Developed by EA DICE and Creative Games, Battlefront has sold over 13 million copies, and though met with backlash upon release for not containing a single-player campaign or split-screen co-op (among other features), Battlefront retains players with timely content releases, like last year's Rogue One: Scarif DLC.

Still, aware that many fans found Star Wars Battlefront lacking in some respects, EA has overhauled the formula for the sequel, joining forces with a third developer, Motive Studios. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will not only feature a single-player campaign and split-screen cop-op, but added player customization and multiplayer gameplay that will span all eras of the Star Wars saga.

Expanding the scope for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will allow players to experience battles and planets from not only the original Star Wars trilogy, but those featured in the prequels and new trilogy as well. This also applies to the iconic heroes and villains available as playable characters. So fans who've always wished to see Master Yoda battle Darth Maul (as was teased in Battlefront 2's first trailer) will be able to make just such a duel happen.

Here are the ones officially confirmed so far:

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Luke Skywalker

Having already been a playable hero in the first Star Wars Battlefront, it isn't at all surprising that Luke Skywalker returns for the sequel. As a Jedi, Luke's movements are incredibly quick, making him an almost impossible target to hit. Armed with his lightsaber and The Force, Luke is one tough opponent and an invaluable asset for any Rebel team to have. In Battlefront, his abilities included a Force Push and Saber Rush attacks, but there's been no word on whether that'll remain the same or if he'll have his gameplay redesigned for the sequel.


Rey Star Wars Battlefront 2 Playable Character

Since the first Battlefront focused solely on the time frame of the original Star Wars trilogy, Luke was the only playable Jedi. But with the sequel opening up to include every era of the Star Wars saga, there are in fact multiple Force users now available as playable characters. One of those is The Force Awakens' protagonist, Rey. Expect her gameplay style to be similar to Luke's, but possibly less refined. As a pre-order bonus, players can unlock an exclusive outfit for Rey inspired by her look in The Last Jedi as well as ability modifiers; one for the Millenium Falcon, updating it to look and sound as it does in The Last Jedi, and another that allows Rey to controls the minds of enemies, creating confusion on the battlefield.


Yoda Star Wars Battlefront 2 Playable Character

Rounding out the Jedi we know are available as playable characters in Battlefront 2 is Yoda; arguably one of the most powerful Jedi to ever live and sure to be a favorite choice among players. Much like the other playable Jedi, Yoda will come armed with a lightsaber and the power of The Force, but do not judge him by his diminutive stature. His small size and high agility will likely make him another incredibly difficult target to hit, frustrating every Imperial team he faces.

Han Solo

Han Solo Star Wars Battlefront 2 Playable Character

Not every hero needs the Force, sometimes all you need is a good blaster at your side. Han Solo is another returning character to the Battlefront franchise, and while specific details remain under wraps, he will almost certainly come equipped with his trusty DL-44 blaster and roguish charm. In the first Battlefront, Han would use his impeccable aim to pick off enemies from afar with moves like Rapid Fire and Lucky Shot, but he could also be a little reckless, rushing into battle with a damaging Shoulder Charge.


Finn and Captain Phasma in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Battlefront 2 is going to offer players a lot of options when it comes to iconic heroes and villains. Not only will the sequel  launch with a larger roster than its predecessor, but new heroes and villains will be added through free DLCs or "themed seasons." In this first free content drop (coming in December), Finn joins the ranks of Battlefront's heroes. He's a brand new addition to the series, so Finn's play style is still unknown, but he may show some tactical prowess thanks to his former Stormtrooper training.

Kylo Ren

Star Wars Battlefront II EA Kylo Ren First Order

There has not yet been any official confirmation on whether or not Darth Vader will return as a playable character in Battlefront 2 (though we're pretty confident he will ), but his grandson and number one fan, Kylo Ren is definitely a part of the sequel. In the trailer, Kylo can be seen throwing enemies with The Force and slicing them up with his crossguard lightsaber. And like Rey, Kylo will also come with a few pre-order bonuses, including a skin inspired by his look in The Last Jedi as well an ability modifier that lets him freeze and pull enemies with The Force and one for a new First Order ship - possibly his personal TIE Fighter.

Darth Maul

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Darth Maul

Though his screen time was brief in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul remains a fan favorite thanks to his continuing adventures in Star Wars comics and animated series. So it isn't all that surprising for the former Sith to be included as a playable character in Battlefront 2. In the trailer, Maul is shown squaring off for a duel with Jedi Master Yoda, hinting at the kinds of possible matches players can look forward to having. He appears whole (no robot legs here, though that would make for a fun alternate look) and is shown using his iconic double bladed lightsaber, which is sure to make for an interesting play style.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett Star Wars Battlefront 2 Playable Character

This bounty hunter is the third Battlefront veteran (that we know of) who is returning for the sequel. In the first game, Boba Fett utilized his Wrist Rocket and Flame Thrower to become a most versatile character, able to attack from both long and medium range. And while not as agile as a Jedi, his Thruster Pack allowed Fett to quickly escape or enter the fray, making him a tough opponent to set your sights on.

Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Finn isn't the only character who is joining the Battlefront party a little late, his former commander officer, Captain Phasma, will also be available in Battlefront 2's first free content drop. Her role in The Force Awakens was pretty minor, so it's tough to know exactly what she'll bring to battle. However, being that Phasma is an elite Stormtrooper, she is sure to have strong combat and tactical skills. She's likely not too shabby with her blaster rifle, either.

Iden Versio

Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2

A brand new character in the Star Wars universe, Iden Versio is an officer in the Imperial special forces in command of Inferno Squadron. She and her team took part in the Battle of Endor, and upon the destruction of the second Death Star and death of The Emperor, she took it upon herself to hunt down those responsible. Players will take control of Iden in Battlefront 2's single player campaign, leading Inferno Squadron in their pursuit of Luke Skywalker.


Do you already have a favorite hero character chosen, or are you holding out hope for a specific playable character to be confirmed? Let us hear about it in the comments!

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