Baby Yoda Just Wants to Listen to Some Tunes in Latest Mandalorian Meme

The latest series of memes regarding The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda has the adorable little creature repeatedly blaring music inside Mando's ship.

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Music Tunes Meme

The latest series of memes regarding The Mandalorian's breakout character fans have nicknamed Baby Yoda has the adorable little creature repeatedly blaring music inside of the titular character's spaceship. Having recently aired it's fourth episode on Disney+The Mandalorian has quickly become a favorite of both new and long-time Star Wars fans alike, thanks in no small part to the minuscule animated puppet which the show's plot centers around.

Baby Yoda has become the source of numerous memes and gifs since The Mandalorian's second episode was seen by fans, with the combination of cuteness, helplessness, and independent attitude the character emotes striking a chord with viewers worldwide. From splicing Baby Yoda into scenes from Avengers: Endgame to modding Baby Yoda into Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it's beginning to look like people just can't get enough of the little critter, although fans looking for Baby Yoda toys for Christmas may be sorely disappointed.

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Now, thanks to a scene from episode four of The Mandaloriana brand new Baby Yoda meme has emerged, one which examines the desire (one which resides in all humans) to possess the aux cord when traveling with a friend. In the very beginning of the latest episode of The Mandalorian, the creature known as Baby Yoda continually presses buttons on Mando's ship, to the latter's increasing frustration. Listed below are just some, but definitely not all, of the various ways people on Twitter have made this scene into yet another Baby Yoda comedy goldmine.

This is just a few of the many, many variations of this same joke currently available online. While none of the later variations may not be quite as funny as Baby Yoda listening to "Get Low" by Lil Jon (personal preference aside) they are all rather hilarious in their own right. While perhaps not as violent as Baby Yoda attacking Jabba the Hutt or the small force-user dueling against Palpatine in a fan-edit of Revenge of the Sith, it's small moments like the one depicted here which make Baby Yoda such a relatable character.

With each new episode of The Mandalorian it seems as if fans will now be bombarded with a multitude of new gifs and memes surrounding the character the show insists on calling The Child but fans have almost unanimously declared to be known as Baby Yoda. If the show ever does give a name to the character, or at least to Yoda's species (George Lucas himself chose to keep such things secret) then it will be curious to see whether fans latch on to this new name or continue calling the character by his common title. For now, viewers can only wait until episode five of The Mandalorian, after which everyone will be showered with a fresh round of Baby Yoda memes.

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