Star Wars Narrated by Ron Howard in Arrested Development Mashup

The official Star Wars YouTube channel released an Arrested Development/Star Wars mashup narrated by Ron Howard. In counting down the days for the upcoming standalone film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Howard returned to his narrator roots for a comedic breakdown of A New Hope in the vein of Arrested Development.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story nearing its release date and news of a fifth season of Arrested Development premiering soon, fans of these properties can enjoy the best of both worlds with a comedic mashup featuring Ron Howard as the connective thread. The director of Solo and producer/narrator of Arrested Development, Howard narrates a 3-minute-long breakdown of George Lucas' very first entry in the Star Wars franchise, recapping A New Hope with the music, trademarks, and running gags from the Arrested Development series. While the concept of a royal rescue mission in space hardly seems comparable to a man trying to fix his broke and disillusioned family, this mashup is surprisingly seamless.

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The Star Wars Show releases new episodes every Wednesday on the official Star Wars YouTube channel, and in preparation of Solo, they've taken a turn towards comedy. The beginning of the mashup plays out like Arrested Development's intro sequence, only instead of telling "the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together," it replaces the familiar text voiceover with plot lines specific to the Star Wars universe. For example, instead of a family who lost everything, Howard refers to a family "who wants to rule the galaxy, and the one son who had no choice but to save it." The entire video is a complete recap of A New Hope - only, instead of drama and tension, Howard underlines the entire movie with sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek jabs at Lucas' saga.

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Some recurring gags from the show include Howard calling out characters by revealing footage from earlier episodes (in this case, after Obi-Wan tells Luke Skywalker that he isn't familiar with R2-D2, the video reveals flashbacks to every time Obi-Wan referred to the droid in the prequels), playing the "Mr. F" theme music (here referring to Boba Fett), and even giving a shout-out to a project Howard is associated with (in Arrested Development, he refers to the show itself; in this video, he takes a moment to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story). He also corrects characters who are otherwise misinformed (when Luke refers to the Death Star as a small moon, Howard lets the audience know that "it wasn't a moon").

With a few more weeks until the release of Solo, it would make sense for Howard and The Star War Show to collaborate and release mashups like this for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It also stands to reason - given that this is a uniquely backhanded form of promotional material - that Howard hasn't neglected the comedic tone set in place by the film's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, though that hasn't been especially clear since Howard took over.

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