Lucasfilm May Already be Hiring For The Next Animated Star Wars Show

Star Wars Rebels may be coming to an end, but it looks as though Lucasfilm is about to begin hiring for their next animated series.

In April last year, Lucasfilm's Dave Filoni revealed that Star Wars Rebels was coming to an end. There's a sense in which this was inevitable since the series is inching ever-closer to the events of A New Hope. Some characters do look set to survive. The presence of Kanan and Ezra, however, would definitely throw a wrinkle in the Original Trilogy's story. Lucasfilm has confirmed that Filoni is "creatively overseeing future animation development," and there have long been rumors that a new animated series will launch in 2018 or 2019.

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Those rumors just became a lot more solid, with Lucasfilm Animation announcing a vacancy on LinkedIn. They're looking for a new Episodic Director, apparently to run a brand new Star Wars animated series. Here's how Lucasfilm describe the role:

"The Episodic Director's main role is to work closely with all levels of creative production in tandem with the Supervising Director, in order to bring the script to life on our animated television series. The ideal candidate is expected to balance managing all the various aspects of production, while successfully maintaining the highest quality of technical and creative storytelling possible for their respective episodes."

They're looking for an experienced storyteller to manage a team of artists in creating new animated series. Collaborating with Editorial, the Episodic Director will be responsible for interpreting the script visually, storyboarding it as necessary. Needless to say, a company like Lucasfilm will only accept applicants with significant experience. They're looking for Bachelor's Degree in animation, film, or a related field; they also want over 10 years of experience (including as a director).

It's hardly a surprise to see that Lucasfilm is preparing for its next animated project. Both The Clone Wars and Rebels have been tremendous successes, and Filoni has become one of Lucasfilm's greatest assets. He's openly discussed his intention to keep working in the galaxy far, far away, but it's possible Filoni won't stay with animation. In October last year, he teased that he may be looking to move on to a live-action series; more recently, Disney announced that such a series is in the works for their new streaming service, to release in 2019.

At this stage, only one thing seems certain: Lucasfilm Animation has gone from strength to strength, and Disney aim to keep the successes coming. Star Wars Rebels won't be the end of the Star Wars animated shows. Even as Rebels comes to a close, Lucasfilm will be getting things ready for their next show.

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