Ahsoka Should (Finally) Lead The Next Star Wars TV Show

WARNING: Spoilers for the series finale of Star Wars Rebels 


With the last scene of the Star Wars Rebels series finale teasing a new mission for Sabine alongside a familiar face, the biggest question for fans is when Ahsoka Tano will return. Rebels may be at an end, but the future of Star Wars on TV is looking brighter than ever; like The Clone Wars before it, Rebels added major elements to Star Wars canon and gained a lot of critical praise in the process. And when it comes to both shows, former Jedi Ahsoka is a favorite among fans.

Even before she popped up on Rebels, fans have been eager to see more of Anakin Skywalker's apprentice, with many pushing for her to appear in a live-action film. Rosario Dawson even wants to play Ahsoka, meaning the character has the star power behind her if Lucasfilm decides to have an older version of Tano appear in a movie. But barring that, there's a number of TV opportunities on the horizon for Ahsoka.

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Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni has promised the next Star Wars show will be announced soon and, while there's no guarantee Ahsoka will be part of the next series, the end of Rebels clearly establishes she and Sabine are off to find Ezra — who is still alive alongside Thrawn. This feels like a pretty clear setup for the next show. It would make sense to finally put Ahsoka front-and-center: it was her character's popularity that got her on Rebels in the first place after The Clone Wars ended, and later powered the excitement over her survival from a duel with Darth Vader.

Along with a novel bearing her name, Ahsoka's TV appearances have made an indelible impression on both fans and the Star Wars universe. And given how far out of their way the minds behind Rebels went to bring her back, they're not letting the character go anytime soon. Though the time travel elements of the Force are a bit strange, it seems that Ahsoka returned to her own timeline when plucked out of her near-death experience by Ezra, then remained in the shadows during the Galactic Civil War lest her involvement break the timeline. That means the Ahsoka who appears to Sabine in the finale is one several years older and wiser - and ready to come back to action.

Assuming Ahsoka will return in animation - likely given she's Filoni's character through-and-through - when could we expect it? Little is known about the next planned animated show, although Lucasfilm does currently have a project called Star Wars Resistance in the works, which may just be the next TV show. Presumably set to take place around the new trilogy, the series could be a way to bring Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra into the new story. Details are light, but as Disney is working on multiple Star Wars TV shows for their upcoming streaming service, it's a safe bet the animated follow-up to Rebels - whether it's Resistance or not - will be joining the first live-action series there.

Hope, of course, remain for a new medium for Ahsoka. There's obviously a high likelihood Lucasfilm will want to continue the animated adventures of Ahsoka, but if any character could lead a live-action show it'd be her. She has a huge following and is one of the most familiar non-movie characters when it comes to the new canon. Ahsoka also has deep ties to a number of key Star Wars figures and is something of a Grey Jedi, making her a fascinatingly complex and interconnected character.

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