We Think A Live-Action Ahsoka Is Coming To Star Wars: Here’s Why

After being introduced in Star Wars animation, we think Ahsoka Tano may be ready for a live-action debut. The character of Ahsoka was created by George Lucas, and introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She was inserted into canon as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan, and fan reaction was initially pretty negative; as the years passed, though, Ahsoka developed a strong following, and became a real favorite. She returned in Star Wars Rebels, reintroduced as an Order 66 survivor who had been a key player in founding the Rebel Alliance's spy network.

There's long been speculation that a live-action Ahsoka could appear in Star Wars sooner or later, helping bind the different mediums together. Indeed, some actresses have expressed interest in the role, most notably Rosario Dawson. When Lucasfim's TV boss Dave Filoni was asked about the idea of a live-action Ahsoka, the ever cagey Star Wars animation guru giggled to himself, and responded with a simple "Never say never."

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Of course, in the past the idea of a live-action Ahsoka meant that she'd be making her big-screen debut. But the Star Wars franchise is changing shape over the next few months, launching a range of live-action TV shows that are being developed exclusively for the Disney+ streaming service. The Mandalorian is the first of these, and the second is a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin-off featuring Diego Luna's Cassian Andor. Surprisingly, that may be the perfect opportunity to introduce a live-action Ahsoka.

Cassian Andor was a guerrilla fighter who had fought against the Republic during the Clone Wars, and he joined the Rebellion as one of their Fulcrum operatives. The Fulcrum agents were the Rebellion's most secret informants, often sitting in sensitive positions (sometimes embedded in the Empire), and usually assisted with recruitment efforts, funnelling new soldiers and pilots into the fledgling Rebellion.

Crucially, this connects Cassian to Ahsoka Tano; Ahsoka was the first Fulcrum, and the tie-in novel Ahsoka suggested that she recruited and trained most of their greatest assets. That likely means Ahsoka had a hand in training Cassian, and potentially even worked with him on a couple of occasions.

The Cassian Andor series is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to introduce a live-action Ahsoka Tano. Right now, little is known about the show; still, it's safe to assume it's set during the period Ahsoka was active, given the ill-fated Cassian died recovering the Death Star plans in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Fulcrum connection means Ahsoka would fit perfectly. It would be hard to ignore the hand she played in the Rebellion in that era, particularly in the creation of the Fulcrum role. Of course, the real exciting aspect of the notion of her making a live-action appearance is it could easily set up further live-action Star Wars shows focused on Ahsoka down the road.

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