How Star Wars Adventures Will Develop The Next Generation of Fans

With the relatively recent resurgence of the Star Wars film franchise, the property has been firmly planted, yet again, into the public consciousness – arguably unlike any other period in its historic 40-year history. The success of both The Force Awakens as well as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story illustrates just how well embraced and regarded the franchise is and can be, even by the most casual of filmgoing audiences.

However, as hardcore Star Wars fans can attest, the lore of the universe dives much deeper than the film franchise could ever hope to. So, for those who wish to receive background knowledge of familiar characters, discover new and exciting storylines, or simply experience more adventures from within the Star Wars universe, related reading material such as novels and comics have been produced to satisfy your voracious desires. And one comic publication, in particular, has devoted themselves to developing the next generation Star Wars readers.

As a part of the live stream of "The Star Wars Show" from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando – the Editor-in-Chief at IDW publishing, Chris Ryall, discussed a brand new comic series that will be specifically directed at younger readers entitled: Star Wars Adventures. When asked how IDW's comics would differentiate themselves from Marvel's current run, Ryall had this to say:

We love what Marvel’s been doing. I’m so into those comics, but I have an eleven-year-old daughter. I would love to be able to go into the store and buy a comic for me, buy a comic for her. Now she’ll be able to read Star Wars too and enjoy it. So these are gonna be high octane, high energy adventure stories. Not real steeped in the continuity. So it’s for people that are new to Star Wars, new to comic books. Our goal is basically to develop the next generation of Star Wars readers that then gravitate to the Marvel comics later on.

For the Editor-in-Chief at IDW, the focus of Star Wars Adventures is not to produce lore-centric adventures from within the universe, but rather cultivate a new audience of comic book readers, specifically Star Wars comic readers. According to Ryall, earlier issues will be designed to get readers familiar and invested with some of the franchises' more recognizable faces, allowing IDW to play around with lesser known characters in the future. These "backup stories" will be hosted by Maz Kanata, who Ryall warns, is not always the most reliable of narrators, at least not when it comes to providing canonical tales.

Star Wars Adventures will headline an entire line of kid-friendly Star Wars comics when it debuts this September.

Source: Star Wars Celebration

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