Star Wars 9 Reportedly Gets A New Working Title

Star Wars: Episode IX has reportedly received a new working title as it gears up to start production. As difficult as it is to believe, Lucasfilm has nearly completed the five movies of the new Star Wars slate. Now that Solo is playing in theaters, the sequel trilogy finale is the only one left, and it'll begin filming under the watch of J.J. Abrams in just a month so it can meet its scheduled December 2019 release date. The combination of Lucasfilm's penchant for secrecy and Abrams' mystery box sensibilities means plot details will be hard to come by, but that won't stop fans from speculating.

The title will be a point of great interest, especially since Star Wars movie names tend to be relatively straightforward in their meanings (i.e. The Last Jedi was a reference to Luke Skywalker). Lucasfilm won't officially reveal the title of Episode IX for a while (probably early next year), but in the meantime it's gotten a different production title.

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According to Fantha Tracks (the site that's unveiled previous Disney Star Wars working titles), Episode IX is now known as trIXie. Previously, its working title was Black Diamond, which was seen as a nod to the film's production company, U.K.'s Carbonado Industries. There's no telling what trIXie means, other than it being a cheeky way to get the roman numeral for 9 into the title. It's worth mentioning The Force Awakens' working title AVCO was in reference to the movie theater Abrams saw A New Hope, so perhaps this has a yet-to-be-discovered personal connection for the director.

Some of the earlier Star Wars working titles had subtle ties to story beats from their respective films. For instance, Los Alamos (Rogue One) was where the atomic bomb was made, and Space Bear (The Last Jedi) alluded to Luke Skywalker hibernating in isolation on Ahch-To, far removed from the fight. It's too early to say if trIXie sports that kind of significance. One interesting bit, however, is that the baby name Trixie means "bringer of joy." Since Star Wars is a franchise known for being crowd-pleasing entertainment, this could be Lucasfilm's way of saying Episode 9 will bring audiences around the world joy as it ends the Skywalker saga on a high note.

That would certainly be a welcome development, considering the heated debates that occurred in the wake of The Last Jedi. The Star Wars films are in an interesting place right now, especially after Solo under-performed at the Memorial Day box office. Abrams' Force Awakens was seen by many as a rousing return to form for the iconic property, so perhaps he can work his magic again and unite audiences before Lucasfilm forges ahead to a new era.

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Source: Fantha Tracks

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