Star Wars 9: Boyega Shoots Down Rise of Skywalker Trailer Rumor

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer - Finn and Poe

John Boyega shoots down the latest rumors regarding the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer release date. Though Lucasfilm has already unveiled two looks at the upcoming blockbuster (at Celebration Chicago and D23 this year), the expectation is there will be one final preview premiering at some point this month. For both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, a trailer debuted during an October Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN, and there's little reason to change things up now. Additionally, as the studio enters the homestretch, a new trailer would help crank up hype and anticipation.

Recently, there were contrasting rumors about when the trailer would arrive. Some people predicted October 14, while others said it would debut on October 21. Conventional wisdom would dictate if the trailer was coming today (October 14), Disney would have made an official announcement by now. With nothing confirmed at this point in time, fans are starting to become restless, and one of the franchise's stars is preaching patience.

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Yesterday, Boyega took to Twitter in an attempt to calm things down amidst the hysteria. He said he doesn't know when it's being released (though he believes it'll be soon) and the best thing to do is just to wait until the studio makes their move. Check out his posts in the space below:

Boyega probably felt compelled to comment publicly on this matter because the October 14 rumor was purported by his agent, Femi Oguns, on social media. While Disney remained silent, fans felt Oguns was a reliable enough source and might have had some inside information. It's unknown where Oguns heard about the October 14 possibility, but that bit of speculation is evidently incorrect. As indicated above, Disney would have almost assuredly made some kind of announcement at this point if the trailer was debuting today. The Mouse House wants the trailer to land with maximum impact, and the way to do that is to turn it into an event itself by getting people excited for it ahead of time. There (probably) isn't going to be a surprise drop.

So now, attention turns to October 21, which coincidentally is the late great Carrie Fisher's birthday. For a franchise known for its poetry, it would be a nice touch if Lucasfilm released the last Star Wars 9 trailer to celebrate the occasion. And though Disney obviously misses the ability to attach it to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil this weekend, any new Star Wars 9 preview can still play before the big films in November, like Terminator: Dark Fate, Frozen II, and others. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes down, but as Boyega says, there isn't much else fans can do besides relax.

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Source: John Boyega [2]

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