New Star Wars 9 Trailer Officially Confirmed For Monday

The next Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer is confirmed to premiere on Monday, October 21. To this point, the studio has run one of their trademark measured marketing campaigns, unveiling just enough materials to pique interest without revealing too much of the story. Even though there are only about two months remaining until Star Wars 9 hits theaters, many of the plot details have been kept under wraps to this point. In classic Star Wars fashion, the teasers seen so far have provided fodder for theorizing, rather than answering burning questions.

In all likelihood, Lucasfilm is going to keep all of Star Wars 9's most prominent twists and turns close to the chest until December. At the same time, the promotional blitz needs to kick off as we enter the homestretch before the film's premiere. Earlier this month, the first wave of tie-in merchandise hit store shelves during Triple Force Friday, but what fans really want to see is a new trailer. Now, Disney's gone ahead and confirmed when one will premiere.

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Today, Good Morning America's Tony Morrison revealed on Twitter that the new Star Wars 9 trailer will debut during the Monday Night Football broadcast on October 21. Take a look at his post in the space below. The official Star Wars Twitter account also confirmed the news:

Over the past few weeks, there were multiple rumors regarding the Star Wars 9 trailer release date, so it's nice to have some much-needed clarity on the situation. Since The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi both received final trailers in October of their respective years of release, the expectation is The Rise of Skywalker would follow suit - it was just a matter of which Monday would be the day. Some people thought October 14 made sense, so the trailer could be attached to screenings of Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, but the studio opted to hold off for one more week. The latest Star Wars 9 trailer will still be out in time to play in front of some of the fall's most-anticipated titles, like Terminator: Dark Fate and Frozen II. One would imagine The Rise of Skywalker tickets will also go on sale October 21, shortly after the trailer airs on ESPN - especially since some theaters are already listing showtimes.

Now that fans know when the trailer is debuting, the question becomes what will be shown in it. Even by their standards, Lucasfilm is being extremely secretive when it comes to Star Wars 9 marketing, doing everything they can to keep key plot details under lock and key. There most assuredly won't be any outright spoilers in this upcoming preview, but hopefully it will shed a little light on the main narrative and the Resistance heroes' mission. It might be too much to expect a glimpse of Emperor Palpatine, but seeing the Skywalker saga villain return would make for quite the money shot to send hype into overdrive.

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Source: Tony Morrison, Star Wars

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