This Rumored Star Wars 9 Title Is Great (If It’s Real)

Star Wars Episode 9 The End

A rumored Star Wars: Episode IX title would be perfect for the upcoming film if it proves to be true. Director J.J. Abrams has been hard at work filming the Skywalker saga finale since last summer, and by all accounts has almost wrapped. With actors like Anthony Daniels finishing up their scenes recently, it's only a matter of time before principal photography on Episode IX is in the can. That means Lucasfilm will finally commence the marketing campaign for their latest blockbuster, slowly doling out information on their terms to steadily build hype until Episode IX's December premiere.

One key aspect of the film fans are quite eager to learn is the official title. Historically, Star Wars movie names tend to be a relatively straightforward representation of the project's core narratives and themes. For example, The Empire Strikes Back literally lets audiences know the villains are going to come out on top and The Force Awakens alluded to the Force, well, awakening inside of Rey as she took her first steps into a larger world. Given Lucasfilm's penchant for secrecy, the Episode IX title has been a mystery to the general public throughout the movie's development, but soon it will be revealed. Viewers have no shortage of proposed titles, though one in particular stands out as the best of the bunch.

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Reddit user daviebaby8666 posted an image on the r/movies page of a supposed "Episode 9 title leak," which shows the movie will be called Balance of the Force. The design of the title card is similar to the previous installments of the sequel trilogy, with the main Star Wars logo in purple. While this is most likely an elaborate PhotoShop job modeled after, it does serve as a jumping off point for an interesting discussion. Why would this be a great title for Episode IX?

For starters, it would be a continuation of one of The Last Jedi's core ideas, which challenged the antiquated, dogmatic views of the old Order and argued that striking a proper balance between the light and dark sides was the better route to take. In possession of the ancient Jedi texts, Rey is most likely staying on a heroic path, but her goal is to help the concept of the Jedi evolve by learning from their previous mistakes and integrating new ideas so the next Order can thrive longterm. Additionally, it's been rumored Episode IX sees the arrival of a new threat from the mysterious "Beyond," which may require Kylo Ren and Rey teaming up to defeat. It would be fittingly poetic for this franchise if its seminal story concluded with the ever-warring sides of the Force coming together to take down a common enemy, saving the galaxy in the process. Balance of the Force is also a not-so-subtle prequel reference, since that trilogy was based around the prophecy of Anakin bringing balance to the Force. This title could tie all three trilogies together in a meaningful way.

Balance of the Force reads as a title so good, it'll be mildly disappointing if that's not what Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio came up with. Even this alleged logo scores some nice creativity points, since red and blue (the colors synonymous with the dark and light sides) combine to make purple. Balance of the Force checks off all the boxes one looks for when trying to predict a Star Wars movie title, so of all the possibilities out there, it seem like a realistic and inspired choice.

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Source: daviebaby8666

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