Theory: How Star Wars 9 Can Make Rey A Skywalker (Without A Last Jedi Retcon)

Theory: Rey Takes The Title Skywalker In Star Wars 9

So, Rey isn’t a Skywalker. Barring a huge rug-pull from J.J. Abrams, that isn’t going to change. But Rey is on the path to becoming a Jedi, and she’s already extremely powerful with the Force. At her current rate of development, she could become one of the greatest Force-users the galaxy far, far away has ever seen. That’s what could earn her the name Skywalker (a theory first floated by Redditor u/Thom13Foolery).

She can’t have the name through lineage, but could take it via her actions. In both The Force Awakens and more so The Last Jedi, we’ve seen what Luke Skywalker means to people. He’s the stuff of legend. A symbol of hope. His name is synonymous with great power and even greater deeds. Rey is now on the same journey as Luke. It’s likely that, in Star Wars Episode IX, she’ll ultimately be the one to save the day. To face down evil, and allow good to prevail. In other words, the sort of actions now associated with a Skywalker.

In our own history, there are examples of actual names becoming titles over time. Titles given to Roman Emperors, for example, such as Augustus or Caesar, came from Gaius Octavius, known as Augustus, and Julius Caesar respectively. They became titles upon their deaths. It’s not a stretch to say the same thing could happen with Star Wars. The Skywalker family will end with Episode IX. The name, however, can endure. Rey has been shown as being close to Luke and Leia (and Han too, if you want to wrap in the next biggest player in the Skywalker Saga). She’s the hero of a new generation, and the one who’ll inspire the generation to come. Who better to take on the Skywalker mantle?

How Rey Skywalker Can Properly End The Star Wars Saga

As it stands, the only way the Skywalker Saga can properly end is with death. Luke is already dead, although he’ll likely return as a Force Ghost. Still, he can’t come back, and needs to move on. It’s entirely possible that Leia will die in Episode IX. After Carrie Fisher’s passing, this is the last we’ll see if the character in the present timeline. Ben Solo is the main villain, and it remains to be seen if he can be redeemed. The most likely source of that, though, is with his - or at least Kylo Ren’s - death. And if he can’t be redeemed, then he’s definitely got to go.

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The Skywalker Saga - and that name in particular - is built on hope. Ending the saga with actions so fuelled by death hardly seems a fitting conclusion to that legacy. But Rey taking on the Skywalker title does. The name of the saga will still make sense, because the fact it’s about the Skywalkers at its core won’t have changed. The shift will be in what that means. It won’t just be about a few family members. Through Rey being given the name as a title of sorts, it can grow beyond them, and become a lasting symbol of their contribution to fighting the good fight and the quest for peace in the galaxy. It pays off the journey so far, and brings together the past, present, and future of Star Wars.

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