Star Wars 9 Reportedly NOT Getting Super Bowl Spot

Star Wars: Episode 9 is reportedly not one of the upcoming films that will be promoted during this year's Super Bowl broadcast.

Star Wars: Episode IX reportedly will not be one of the upcoming films receiving a TV spot during the Super Bowl. While the actual game is the main attraction, movie buffs always take great interest in Super Bowl Sunday festivities. With a large audience guaranteed, studios use the Super Bowl as a platform to unveil fresh footage from their most anticipated projects. For instance, this year, Fast & Furious fans will be treated to their first look at the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. There will surely be plenty of others confirmed in the build-up to the game.

This year sees the premiere of the long-awaited Star Wars 9, which serves as the culmination of the franchise's sequel trilogy and the Skywalker saga as a whole. Few releases (with the exception of Avengers: Endgame) can rival the new Star Wars in scope, which led to some rumors Lucasfilm would kick off a marketing campaign at the Super Bowl. There is precedence for this, seeing that Disney aired a Solo TV spot during last year's big game. However, this practice isn't going to become the new norm for the studio.

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According to Deadline, there are currently no plans in place for an Episode IX tease at the Super Bowl. It's worth keeping in mind this has not been confirmed by Disney, but a close examination of the situation suggests this information is accurate.

Solo was a unique case, as it was the first modern Star Wars movie released in the summer movie season. By the time last year's Super Bowl rolled around, Disney had a grand total of three months to put together a viable marketing campaign, so the spinoff almost needed a big game spot to raise awareness. In contrast, Episode IX won't hit theaters until December, more than 10 months after the Super Bowl is played. Star Wars fans are eager to learn what they can about the movie, but there's no incentive for Lucasfilm to release something now. Additionally, the movie is currently still in production and won't wrap until February. In all likelihood, the studio would prefer to wait until filming is complete before they begin promoting it.

Most importantly, after taking 2018 off, Star Wars Celebration is returning this April in Chicago. Previous years have seen new trailers for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi debut at the convention, so the expectation is Episode IX will have a major presence at Celebration as well. Lucasfilm undeniably has big plans behind-the-scenes to generate hype and enthusiasm for their next blockbuster, but it makes more sense for them to hold off until they have their weekend and they can truly dominate the news cycle. With a Christmas premiere in place, Episode IX can replicate the marketing strategies for its $1 billion predecessors almost exactly, meaning it'd be foolish to mix things up for the sake of making a big splash at the Super Bowl.

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Source: Deadline

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