John Boyega: Star Wars 9 Will Be 'All Out War'

John Boyega offers a brief tease of Star Wars: Episode IX, promising the movie won't hold back in its depiction of the war between the First Order and the fledgling Rebellion. As difficult as it is to believe, the sequel trilogy is almost finished, with the third installment due in theaters next December. J.J. Abrams and his co-writer Chris Terrio recently completed the script, and now the creative team is gearing up for production to begin in July. In typical Lucasfilm fashion, plot details are being kept under wraps, though there is a belief it could be the end of the Skywalker saga - the story that's defined the franchise for more than 40 years.

One thing we do know about Star Wars 9 is that most of the sequel trilogy cast will be returning for the grand finale. That includes John Boyega, who was actually confirmed before Last Jedi hit theaters last year. Right now, he's in the dark as much as the general public in regards to narrative specifics, but he's fully expecting it to be an action-packed spectacle.

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While taking part in a conference call at Awesome Con (hat tip Star Wars News Net), the actor was of course asked about his future in the galaxy far, far away. Noting that he has to start training soon, Boyega knows Episode IX won't be a walk through the park.

“Next for me filming wise is Star Wars: Episode IX in July, and they’ve officially given us a note to start training soon. I’m going to take a holiday before that, because I think Episode IX you know, regardless of where the story goes, and I haven’t read it by the way, is going to be all out war so I know that I’m going to have to do all I can and train for that.”

The Last Jedi left the story in a very interesting place, with Kylo Ren assuming command of the First Order (after he murdered Snoke) and the small band of surviving Resistance fighters looking to rebuild their forces. Additionally, the opening crawl stated that Snoke had started deploying military battalions across the systems now that the Republic is destroyed. As Luke Skywalker told his nephew, the war is just beginning, and it probably won't be an easy victory for the scrappy, yet under-resourced, rebels. If this movie is indeed the culmination of the entire saga, it's going to need a fittingly epic conclusion to serve as a proper exclamation point. For the cast, it should be a grueling and physically-demanding shoot.

It stands reason to believe there will be some sort of time jump incorporated into Episode IX, picking things up with Finn, Rey, and the others already embroiled in a years-long war that seems to have no end in sight. It'll be particularly interesting to see how Kylo Ren is portrayed, since the former Ben Solo is hellbent on wiping his enemies from the galaxy. Based on the way Episode VIII ended, he's only going to become more consumed by his anger and hatred, and with nobody believing he can return to the light, he's bound to be purely inhumane. The sequel trilogy hasn't been shy about bidding farewell to its characters, so perhaps one of the young heroes will have to die in order for the "all out war" to have meaningful emotional consequences. Much like Avengers: Infinity War, fans should be prepared for anything.

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