• Star Wars 9 can explain George Lucas' controversial Special Edition changes to the Original Trilogy. 1 / 11

  • Lucas made a number of changes big and small to the original Star Wars movies in 1997, 2004, and 2011. 2 / 11

  • Some were minor, but a lot, like the Han/Greedo scene, caused a lot of outrage among fans. 3 / 11

  • One of the biggest was replacing Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's Force Ghost with Hayden Christensen. 4 / 11

  • Christensen's performance wasn't liked, and it didn't make sense for Anakin to be young, so fans were angry at the change. 5 / 11

  • Now, however, having Christensen's Force Ghost will actually help Star Wars 9, which should include him. 6 / 11

  • Star Wars 9 is set to include multiple Force Ghosts, as we hear Luke tell Rey: "We've taught you all we know." 7 / 11

    Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer - Rey Vertical
  • So Luke will be a Force Ghost, but who is "we"? It could be Yoda, Obi-Wan, or Anakin. 8 / 11

    Old Luke Skywalker Vertical
  • Anakin is the Chosen One. A Jedi and a Sith. He started it all, and deserves to be there at the end of the Skywalker Saga. 9 / 11

  • Thanks to Christensen's Force Ghost already existing, it's now easy to include him in Star Wars 9. 10 / 11

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