Star Wars 9 Theory: Snoke Was A Force Projection Created By Kylo Ren

Supreme Leader Snoke is one of the most mysterious characters in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but could that be because Kylo Ren created him?

Kylo Ren and Snoke in Star Wars The Last Jedi

It's theoretically possible that Kylo Ren created Supreme Leader Snoke as a Force projection in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Ever since Snoke appeared in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been wondering just who the new Star Wars villain was.

Among the many long-held fan theories is that Snoke is either Darth Plagueis or Emperor Palpatine reincarnated. While both theories have their validity on some level, it doesn't seem like either is truly the case here. Furthermore, just like the Emperor in the original Star Wars trilogy, Snoke's background is meant to remain mysterious; therefore, it won't be explored in great detail in Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy.

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The thing is, no one really knows much about Snoke's past; his impressive Force powers remain unexplained, just like ties to the Skywalker family. All that's been truly revealed about Snoke is that he was the leader of the First Order, Kylo Ren's master and teacher, and that he knew the dark side of the Force. Star Wars: The Last Jedi could've ended speculation about Snoke's past and knowledge, but it didn't. However, what if it wasn’t just that Snoke created Kylo Ren (out of Ben Solo), but rather Kylo Ren created Snoke?

Was Snoke A Force Projection Created By Kylo?

Snoke and Kylo Ren in Force Awakens

Reddit user YAFilms postulated that Snoke is possibly a creation of Kylo Ren's, and it's a valid theory considering the sheer, raw power of the Skywalker family as well as Ben Solo's troubling history. Though it's likely that Kylo himself didn't know what he was doing. Rather, creating Snoke was an accident; a manifestation of the incredible power (and conflict) that lay within him.

It's been said in the Star Wars movies before that studying the dark side of the Force (particularly becoming a Sith) is a path to strange and unnatural abilities - abilities that the light side of the Force doesn't necessarily allow for. Examples include manipulation of midichlorians, Darkshear (a spear of midnight black called from the dark side), and torturing victims by using their own memories. Those with the desire and power can even use the dark side to control life and death itself. On top of that, we know that people who are strong in the Force can project themselves, even after death. This has been a part of Star Wars movies for years, and Luke even managed to change his appearance when he did it in The Last Jedi.

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Given how unusually powerful Ben Solo was in the Force, and given Snoke was able to seduce him to the dark side, it’s possible that Ben was both so powerful and so conflicted that, unbeknownst even to himself, he created Supreme Leader Snoke out of the Force. Snoke then turned him into Kylo Ren, thus achieving something the young Ben Solo wanted but wasn’t able to do on his own, especially with Luke Skywalker watching over him.

The Evidence Snoke Is Really Kylo Ren

Even after the releases of both The Force Awakens and The Last JediSupreme Leader Snoke remains a mystery. Rian Johnson previously explained why Snoke's backstory isn't explored in The Last Jedi, but the writer-director's reasoning might be a misdirect. Snoke is a shadowy figure, and it's possible he has deliberately obfuscated detail about himself, or it could be because he’s a work of Kylo Ren’s subconscious. In The Force Awakens, in particular, there is something decidedly off about Snoke. He appears only as a hologram, and is confined to a single location.

The only people he interacts with are General Hux and Kylo Ren himself. He knows a lot about Kylo Ren, which would fit with being his mentor, but it would equally make sense if he’s a product of Kylo’s mind. The only other references to him are vague as well: "Snoke did this," "It was Snoke," etc. He doesn’t sound like someone people have had much contact with, or much like a real person at all. The way it's revealed that Ben Solo was seduced by Snoke is similar to how audiences first hear Obi-Wan say Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.

More than that, however, is how it fits with what's known about Kylo Ren. Throughout the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren has been obsessed with his past, despite wanting to let it die. A significant part of his obsession revolves around Darth Vader. And if he wants to be the new Vader, then that means he would also need an Empire (like the First Order) and an Emperor (Snoke). Plus, there’s a history of Star Wars villains masquerading as other people. Emperor Palpatine was really Darth Sidious; Darth Vader was really Anakin Skywalker. This trilogy doesn’t have one, which is odd for a saga where everything rhymes and history repeats itself. Unless, that is, Snoke is (part of) Kylo Ren.

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