J.J. Abrams Can't Wait for Fans to See Star Wars 9's Sith Troopers in Action

J.J. Abrams can't wait for fans to see the newly revealed Sith Troopers in action in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. After helping relaunch the Star Wars universe in 2015 with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Abrams is returning to close out the trilogy. His addition has largely inspired confidence that the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga will go out on a high note, even though some are worried over what he could change.

Details on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are still slim despite the first trailer launching at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, and it's unclear if the movie will receive another big stage for promotion. The film won't have that big of a presence at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, even though Star Wars-related content will be present, but one new detail about the film is being highlighted. The red Sith Troopers were recently unveiled ahead of them being on display at SDCC, and fans will get a detailed look at them as a result.

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The suit will be on display for all attendees to see at Lucasfilm's booth, where they can get up close to the intricate design of the Sith Troopers. Their bold design is a hit with fans, even if their purpose and functionality remain a bigger question for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Attendees at SDCC will get an even closer look at how the Sith Troopers came to be with a behind-the-scenes video showing their design process. The video hasn't officially been released online (yet), but director J.J. Abrams' quote about the design and excitement for fans to see the Sith Troopers was shared by along with new looks at the First Order troops.

The materials, the color, the lines, there was something about the aesthetic of it that just felt absolutely right. I cannot wait for people to see the work that everyone’s done.

The new Sith Troopers are the latest new take on the Stormtrooper design in the Disney era of Star Wars. The Death Trooper variants were introduced in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi saw the debut of Executioners. The sequel-era troopers have largely been upgraded with increased training under the First Order and more weapons, and the Sith Troopers are likely to follow this trend. Now that Kylo Ren is leading the organization, he appears to have put his spin on what will likely be an army he commands. And, the Sith designation could illustrate that Kylo, these troopers, and all of the First Order are attempting to abide closer to the practices and goals the Emperor and Darth Vader had many years ago.

At this time, it's unclear how significant a role the Sith Troopers will have in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. With an expectation that the final film in the trilogy and saga will hold a major battle sequence in the third act, the Sith Troopers could be the cannon-fodder used to keep Finn, Poe, and the rest of the Resistance army busy as Rey and Kylo battle once more. Of course, it's just as possible that the Sith Troopers won't be under Kylo's command at the end of the movie with the re-introduction of Palpatine and the belief that Kylo will be redeemed. Either way, we can only hope that the Sith Troopers get in on the action in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and hopefully J.J.'s excitement for them means they'll be featured in the next trailer.

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