Star Wars 9 Getting Rewrite From Wonder Scribe

Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars: Episode IX is getting a rewrite from Jack Thorne, who penned this year's Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay led drama Wonder. The conclusion to Lucasfilm's sequel trilogy has been in development since Trevorrow was hired for the directing job back in 2015, with Trevorrow and writing partner Derek Connolly taking the first stab at the script. The duo had recently completed a first draft, and the studio was pleased with their progress to give the movie a May 2019 release date.

Currently, Trevorrow is aiming to start rolling the cameras in January 2018, which is only five months away as of this writing. The filmmakers are currently working on the necessary pre-production tasks, which potentially includes casting any new roles and scouting various locations. Now, it appears another item has been added to the "to do" list: giving the script a once over.

According to THR, screenwriter Jack Thorne has been brought on board to work on the Episode IX screenplay. In addition to Wonder, his credits primarily consist of British television programs, such as National Treasure, The Fades, and The Cast-Offs. Thorne has also done work on BBC's His Dark Materials adaptation and Phillip K. Dick's Electric Sheep.

It is unknown at this point in time how extensive Thorne's work will be, but since the Star Wars 9 production schedule remains unchanged, it does not sound like anything major. Lucasfilm probably wants Thorne to serve as a script doctor, reading over what has already been completed and making any necessary minor edits. Given that Episode IX is positioned to possibly be the final installment in the Skywalker saga, it wouldn't hurt to have another pair of eyes look at the script to make sure everything is in order. Thorne is a three-time BAFTA award winner, so he definitely has some skill in crafting compelling stories that thrill and entertain audiences. He reads as a valuable addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Ever since Trevorrow's The Book of Henry bombed with critics, there have been concerns about Episode IX amongst the Star Wars fan base. This development could be seen as further reason to worry, but it's common for tentpole pictures to have multiple writers, so this isn't anything out of the ordinary. Trevorrow has also been very complimentary of the collaborative environment at Lucasfilm, understanding that it's a team effort to get a Star Wars movie made. As long as Thorne isn't doing a massive page one rewrite just a few months prior to principal photography, this is business as usual in Hollywood.

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Source: THR

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