Star Wars: Rey’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber Already Exists in Canon (& Has A Name)

Star Wars Rey Double Lightsaber Pike

The newest teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has given the world its first look at Rey's double-bladed Sith lightsaber, what is guaranteed to become the next iconic weapon in the Star Wars saga... even if the design is already an established part of the Star Wars universe.

Fans should make sure to check out our full breakdown of the Star Wars 9 footage for every reveal and new detail, but Rey's lightsaber is worth closer examination all on its own. Not just because of what it means for Rey's possible dark side turn, but for giving a one of a kind lightsaber design another appearance in the Star Wars canon. Especially considering how many fans will have missed its introduction the first time around.

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Star Wars enthusiasts can be forgiven for thinking that Rey's double-bladed lightsaber is a new creation--based off of the weapon of Darth Maul, but with the added feature of a collapsible hilt. Officially the weapon is designated a "Lightsaber Pike," and was introduced to the canon in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game and accompanying novel, wielded by the Jedi Knight Kazdan Paratus. But where the 'pike' specification denotes only that the lightsaber deploys two blades on opposing ends, Rey's exact design has its roots in the animated corner of the Star Wars universe.

The Clone Wars veterans will note the the Jedi Knight Pong Krell showcased the same collapsible design, but more will remember the version used by the Jedi Temple Guards--recurring characters in the Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels series. Take a look at the weapon in action in the clip below:

The above fight (taken from Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Episode 17, "Shroud of Darkness") perfectly demonstrates not only the effectiveness of a lightsaber pike for those in doubt, but the reason for the collapsible hilt design. Throughout Star Wars lore, the Temple Guards are depicted bearing lightsaber pikes due to their increased range and emphasis on defense (twice the blades, twice the ability to deflect in defense). While said pikes are often shown to be based around a single, extended hilt, this episode of Rebels added a new wrinkle. With a craftier design, the single pike hilt could be collapsed for far more convenient storage and maneuverability before being activated.

Technically, the scene between Kanan Jarrus and the Jedi Sentinel above takes place inside of the Force, as a vision within the Lothal Jedi Temple. But believe it or not, even this appearance of Rey's lightsaber design is tinged with a touch of the dark side. The Sentinel in question turns out to be The Grand Inquisitor himself, in his days as a member of the Jedi Temple Guard, before his own fall to the dark side.

Coincidence? Only Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will offer any clarity on the subject, and either confirm or refute the idea that such a design isn't ever used by... conventional Jedi Knights. But no matter the result, fans can't deny the impact of a double-bladed Sith lightsaber in Star Wars 9 marketing.

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