Star Wars 9 Theory: Rey & Kylo’s Force Connection Will Bring True Balance

Star Wars Episode IX will be ending the Skywalker Saga, and that means pulling together threads from all nine Star Wars Episodes. And aside from the Skywalker lineage itself, few concepts have been so core to this saga than the idea of bringing balance to the Force.

This is something that we really learn about in the Prequels with the Chosen One prophecy, but it also informs Luke and Anakin’s arcs in the Original Trilogy. It’s now been revisited by the Disney movies, with The Last Jedi exploring more of what the Force is and the notion of ‘balance’. Also in that movie is another new development for the Force: the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren, which allows them to essentially have Force Skype calls with each other.

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This bridge between their minds was ostensibly built by Supreme Leader Snoke, as a means of getting them together to serve his own nefarious ends. But what if he didn’t create it, but simply exploited it? What if the Force itself brought the two young Force-users together, and that connection is going to be crucial to bringing balance in Episode IX?

Snoke Claims He Connected Rey & Kylo - But Did He?

Rey and Kylo Ren came together in The Last Jedi in a way we’ve never seen before. While we had previously known characters to connect through the Force, as a means of sending a distress signal or similar, this really opened it up. The characters appeared before each other, so they could almost physically interact, and it allowed the duo to develop a much more initiate connection. It was through this Force connection that Rey came to understand Kylo, and that he wasn’t just some bad guy in a mask. These sequences went deeper into both their characters and laid them bare (in quite a literal sense for Kylo, to the delight of the internet).

Because of this, Rey believed that there was still good in Ben Solo, and that she could reach through the darkness and bring him back into the light. This she departed Ahch-To, boarded the Supremacy, and then found herself taken before Supreme Leader Snoke. It was there the villain revealed his master plan. The connection between the pair hasn’t suddenly sprung up by way of the Force; he’d opened it. He’d sensed that there was something between them, and knew he could exploit that to his own ends, so established a connection through the Force that would make both of them more vulnerable.

He wanted to turn Kylo Ren into something more, and to use Rey to get to Luke. Snoke’s plan didn’t exactly work, to put it lightly. His supposed genius that led to him creating this connection to serve himself instead ended up with his death. As we saw in that stunning Throne Room sequence, Snoke wasn’t in control of Kylo Ren, and hadn’t been for some time. He’d pushed his pupil too far and paid the price, but that’s not something he realized until the lightsaber was cutting him in half. Up until that point, he believed everything was of his own doing, but he was blinded.

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One of the big ideas explored by Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi was the Jedi’s hubris. As explained by Luke Skywalker, it was this that had allowed Darth Sidious to rise to power while the Jedi Council simply sat around and let it happen. But as Kylo’s turn against him proves, Snoke was also blinded by his own hubris. And if he didn’t control Kylo then, there’s a chance that he was never control of the connection either. At the end of The Last Jedi, Rey and Kylo’s connection still exists, and the former is able to shut it off. If it exists after Snoke’s death, then it stands to reason that it existed before he started manipulating it as well.

Was Kylo and Rey's Connection The Will Of The Force?

So, if Snoke didn’t create the Force connection, then who - or what - did? The most logical answer is that it was the Force itself that brought them together. This would fit with The Last Jedi’s exploration of the Force: that it is not something any one person or group - be it Jedi or Sith - should be able to control. It isn’t theirs. It shifts and shapes things as it sees fit, and that could have extended to Rey and Kylo.

As Luke explains, where there’s powerful light, there’s powerful dark. Or as Snoke says, "darkness rises, and light to meet it." Wherever there is one, there’s the other. So where there’s Rey, who is extremely powerful in the Light Side but still sees and is called by the Dark, and Kylo who wants to be Dark Side but can’t shut out the Light, the Force senses an opportunity to bring them together. It does so through this connection, which is something that Snoke, as a powerful Force-user, is able to exploit and then pretend was his own work.

We see in The Last Jedi just how powerful the Force is, and how Rey, in particular, is called to both sides of it. In Rogue One, Chirrut’s belief is that “all is as the Force wills it.” The Force does have its own sense of will, which it can and does use to push things in the galaxy one way or another. It surrounds everything and binds it together, so it’s extremely possible that it bound Rey and Kylo together too.

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