Star Wars 9: John Boyega Hints Rey & Finn Won't Be Separated

John Boyega provides a brief update on Star Wars: Episode 9, indicating Rey and Finn won't be separated during most of the movie.

John Boyega teases Rey and Finn won't be separated in Star Wars: Episode IX. The sequel trilogy has done an excellent job of establishing a new generation of characters to be the faces of the franchise, but they've rarely had opportunities to play off each other. In Force Awakens, Finn and Poe were split up after the TIE fighter crash, and even in Last Jedi, Poe was dealing with Admiral Holdo on the Raddus while Finn went to Canto Bight with Rose. In the case of Rey, she didn't even share an exchange with Poe until the very end of Episode VIII.

Of course, there have been some notable exceptions. Finn and Rey spend most of The Force Awakens together, escaping Jakku on the Millennium Falcon, encountering Han Solo, and getting swept up on an adventure they hadn't planned for. Arguably, their friendship is the strongest in the sequels, which is why it was so cathartic to see them embrace on Crait in Last Jedi. For those who prefer the heroes to stay as a group instead of going on their separate paths, Episode IX might be just what they wanted.

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At Awesome Con (via Star Wars News Net's The Resistance Broadcast), Boyega provided a brief update on Star Wars 9. The actor said he received a text from Daisy Ridley stating, "OMG we're together again," which makes it sound like Ridley has read J.J. Abrams & Chris Terrio's script and is excited about what's in store.

Ridley herself was honest in admitting she found it a bit stressful to shoot Last Jedi without Boyega by her side, so this development has to be a huge relief for her. As indicated above, Rey and Finn have a great dynamic, due in large part to the instant chemistry between the two stars. It should only benefit Episode IX if they're allowed to flesh out their characters' relationship by sharing plenty of screen time. How it evolves will be a plot point of interest, seeing that Boyega has voiced support for a Rey/Finn romance. For her part, Ridley doesn't seem to feel a love story component is necessary in Episode IX, so perhaps everyone will stay platonic and fight for the friends (not significant others) they love. The sequels don't really have a parallel to Han and Leia, and it wouldn't be wise to shoehorn one now.

In the original trilogy, Luke, Han, and Leia became a family because of everything they went through together, but a case can be made Rey, Finn, and Poe haven't reached that state just yet. With any luck, Star Wars 9 will be the movie that gets the trio to that level. Since this likely is the last episode of the Skywalker saga, the timing couldn't be better. The sequels have a standout cast that's really settled into their parts. Abrams should be taking advantage of all the talent he assembled years ago and have the Resistance fight as a unit instead of sending everyone on their own path.

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Source: SWNN's The Resistance Broadcast

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