Star Wars Comic Makes Poe Leader of Leia's NEW Resistance

Warning: SPOILERS for Poe Dameron #31

Star Wars fans saw the Resistance practically destroyed by the end of The Last Jedi, but a new comic book shows what happened immediately after the movie's ending - and the mission that Commander Poe Dameron sees as the true beginning of the Resistance coming in Episode 9.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi wasn't what any fan expected, leaving Supreme Commander Snoke dead, and Kylo Ren the de facto leader of the First Order. Luke Skywalker dying and returning to The Force, leaving the legacy of the Jedi completely in Rey's hands. And Leia in charge of the smallest rebellion yet. Lucasfilm has confirmed that Episode 9 will end the original Star Wars story once and for all, even if the last Skywalker isn't there to finish it herself.

Thanks to the final issue of Marvel's Poe Dameron comic series, fans can be sure that Poe will be leading the Resistance as Leia always hoped he would.

Where Star Wars: Last Jedi Leaves The Resistance

What Luke Skywalker claims during his final standoff with Kylo Ren is incredibly reassuring: that the Resistance is not broken, but reborn, having come so close to being utterly erased. The reality of the situation is a bit grimmer, however, with the remaining Resistance whittled down to about the dozen ferried off Crait in the Millennium Falcon. And even with Luke reminding his sister that she never gave up hope - not since it was placed in her hands in the final seconds of Rogue One - the situation is tenuous, at best.

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After all, the Resistance's calls for allies and backup went completely unanswered throughout the course of Last Jedi. The word of Luke Skywalker's return to stand against the First Order, like word of a new Apprentice - the true last Jedi - is sure to spread across the galaxy. But Leia knows that the next decisions she makes could be the most important ones of her life. The passing of Carrie Fisher and the changes it will mean for Leia's Episode 9 role mean those decisions won't be shown on film, but that's right where Poe Dameron #31 picks up.

The Comic Reveals Leia & Poe's Next Scene

Filling in the formative moments in the new Star Wars canon (like so many other incredible Star Wars comic books recently published), the issue begins with what must be the first private conversation between Poe Dameron and Leia after making their escape from Crait. With Poe having been largely inseparable from his fellow pilots of Black Squadron for much of this comic run, it's fitting that he should be pleading with Leia for a chance to save them in this, the final issue of the series. But that's a risk Leia isn't willing to take.

Leia knows that risking what remains of the Resistance to save a handful of pilots, even their best handful, could kill all hope of their survival just hours after Luke died to keep it alive. And as she now sits in the early days of building an organized rebellion from essentially the ground up - for the third time in her life - the decision to leave Black Squadron to their fate might be the easiest to make (tragic as it may also be). But Poe Dameron has taken her lessons, advice, and her efforts to groom him for leadership to heart.

And while his passion for doing what's right for his friends and fellow soldiers got him into trouble in Last Jedi, Poe now sees it as the way to truly "spark" the rebellion Leia has tried to ignite through actions, and not words. But to do it, Leia decides it's time to give him a promotion.

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