About That Star Wars 9 Plot Leak

A leaked plot description for Star Wars: Episode IX has made its way online, and it’s worth analyzing to determine its validity. As fans await this summer’s Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters, Lucasfilm is gearing up to begin production on the sequel trilogy finale. J.J. Abrams has a script in place for Episode IX, which is set to start filming in July. Outside of a few casting call descriptions, details concerning the movie are being kept under wraps, which admittedly is nothing new for the studio.

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Whenever something as massive as Star Wars is involved, there is bound to be rampant speculation about what’s in store. Most of the time, it’s just wild rumors (as was the case with a Last Jedi “plot leak” from last year), but sometimes there’s fire to the smoke. That could be the case with this piece of Episode IX information, as the source in question has a somewhat mixed track record, but did accurately predict some elements of Episode VIII a couple of years ago. Let’s delve into it.

What is the Star Wars 9 Plot Leak?

The leak comes from Reddit user FOOSLS, who claims to have read an early storyboard for Star Wars 9. It details two separate plot threads that will make up a bulk of the movie. Set five years after The Last Jedi (John Boyega has hinted at a time jump), the main narrative finds the galaxy in some state of peace. New Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is said to be a “benevolent” ruler, and there are those in the Resistance who are questioning why they’re still fighting. The main heroes, including Rey, Leia, and Poe, know the threat of the First Order is real and continue to try to stop them. They then receive a tip from a First Order mole that could change the course of the conflict.

With the intel, the Resistance heads to a planet in the Unknown Regions (a point of emphasis in the books), where they rescue a “female alien prodigy” who is key to navigating the area. Afterwards, they discover an ocean world that houses a manufacturing station “powered by the populations of conquered worlds.” It’s because of this the First Order has so many resources at their disposal. The mission becomes “liberating the captives” and then alerting the galaxy to what is happening in the Unknown Regions. In a plot twist, it’s revealed none other than General Hux is the rat, which is his attempt to turn everyone against his bitter rival Kylo Ren so he can usurp control of the First Order. Hux is known to be cunning, even eliminating his father en route to his post as general, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him gain control from Kylo.

Speaking of Ren, he’s the focus of the main subplot. He has dispatched the Knights of Ren to hunt Force users across the universe. In turn, many of them have found Rey to be protected. The leak goes on to suggest a continuation of Rey and Kylo Ren’s Force connection, with the two communicating with each other from time to time. Over the course of the movie, it’ll become clear the two are in love with each other. Most shockingly, it’s revealed Rey has a child (the father of whom is unknown), something that makes Kylo Ren so angry, he almost kills Rey in a fit of jealousy. It’s Leia who ends up saving Rey at the end.

One of the reasons why this doesn’t seem completely farfetched is the same Reddit user coincidentally saw an “early storyboard” of The Last Jedi two years ago and outlined the plot in a separate post. While some elements were entirely off-base (Rey being a student at Luke’s training temple, Captain Phasma placing a bounty on Finn’s head), others were very accurate. Well before anyone saw Episode VIII, FOOSLS told us about Kylo Ren killing Snoke and a journey to a casino planet described as the “Las Vegas” of Star Wars. It’s possible FOOSLS is telling the truth, but the complicated story of Episode IX’s development raises a fair amount of questions.

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