5 Planets Star Wars Should Return to in Episode 9

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars on Mustafar

Disney-era Star Wars had introduced audiences to nearly a dozen exciting new worlds, but for Episode IX it would be good to return to something more familiar. The Force Awakens spent much of its time on the desert junkyard Jakku and pristine calm of Takadona, with later films giving us the likes of the beautiful and remote Ahch-To, salt planet Crait and oasis Imperial facility on Scarif. It's been a wise decision, using new worlds to create a distinct feel and the sense of a larger galaxy.

But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good idea to revisit some classic locations. The Star Wars Saga needs to feel like a whole, unified construct. A few OG references wouldn't go amiss, helping to tie the threads together and ensure this feels like the same larger galaxy. With Episode IX bringing an end to the sequel trilogy, what worlds should the franchise return to?

Classic Star Wars Planets (This Page)


Star Wars Mustafar

This is by far the most likely of this list to appear in the spequel trilogy, with it previously reported that Mustafar would appear in either The Last Jedi or Episode IX. It is worth noting that the film has changed direction since then, with J.J. Abrams taking over as writer-director in September, but the gameplan potential is there

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Regardless of the truth to those rumors, this world would fit well. Star Wars: Rebels established that Mustafar was known as the planet Jedi go to in order to die, a twist that was explained in Rogue One. The Star Wars spinoff film showed that Vader based himself on Mustafar, in a fortress revealed in expanded material to be built atop a Sith cave. The First Order are clearly aware of this, given Snoke wears a ring containing onyx mined from that cave.

Kylo Ren has a complicated view of the past. For all he proposes that it should be put to death, he still venerates the memory of his grandfather. It's likely that Abrams' return will see a continuation of some of the themes set up in The Force Awakens, so it would be no surprise to see Kylo Ren head to Mustafar.


The Galactic Capital for millennia, Coruscant was one of the few worlds lifted straight from the Expanded Universe into George Lucas's prequel trilogy. The rich and vibrant city planet became a crucial location in the prequels, and Lucasfilm briefly revisited the world in Rogue One.

It seems that, after the fall of the Empire, Coruscant lost its luster. It was closely connected to Palpatine, and the New Republic chose to base itself on Hosnian Prime. Ironically, in narrative terms that decision ultimately saved Coruscant from destruction when the First Order obliterated the New Republic capital.

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But why did Lucasfilm choose to spare Coruscant? Destroying a known world, one that fans had a deep connection to, would have far more impact than showing Starkiller Base's strength by simply blowing up a planet we've never seen. It seems likely that the Lucasfilm Story Group had some sort of plan down the road, an intention to use the city-planet in some capacity.


Tatooine was introduced as the ultimate galactic backwater, although that role seems to have switched for Jakku in the sequel trilogy. There are clear visual ties between those two desert worlds, and it wouldn't be a surprise for Episode IX to see Rey return to her homeworld.

But the original desolate place offers something quite crucial by itself. The world is deeply connected to the story of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, and appeared in no less than four of the Saga films to date. It was included in the aforementioned Mustafar rumors, so seems a fair bet, especially given the connection to the central lineage.

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At the same time, it could be interesting to see how life on Tatooine has changed since the fall of the Empire. Chuck Wendig's Aftermath trilogy of novels set up a new dawn for Tatooine, one where the slaves have been freed; it would be encouraging to explore a more positive legacy for the Skywalkers on Luke's homeworld.

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