Star Wars 9 Toys Reveal Two New Important Characters

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker toys reveal two new important characters from the film: Boolio and Babu Frik. With the film's release under three months away now, Lucasfilm is about to rev up the marketing machine in a huge way. Next week marks the Triple Force Friday event, when the first wave of tie-in products hit store shelves. In addition to Star Wars 9, there will also be merchandise for live-action TV show The Mandalorian and video game Jedi: Fallen Order available. Today, fans were able to get a sneak peek at the products during a special livestream.

For the most part, the toys and collectibles were variations on what viewers have already seen in the few promotional materials that have been released (in particular, the costume designs for the main characters). But one of the reasons why some people wanted to tun into the livestream was to see if any new information about the highly-secretive movie would be unveiled. There wasn't much (which was to be expected), but fans did get to see a couple of new characters the cast members couldn't say anything about.

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During the livestream event, two aliens were officially revealed. The Millennium Falcon LEGO set included a mini-figure of someone called Boolio, while the C-3PO Black Series action figure comes with a creature named Babu Frik. The former looks to be a green alien with yellow horns, while the latter is a rather small individual with a visor and scarf (suggesting he may be on the desert planet Pasaana). Take a look at images below:

Various members of the Star Wars 9 cast froze up when they saw these toys, as if they were deathly afraid to say anything that could be construed as a spoiler. On the livestream, John Boyega immediately put the Boolio figure back in the Falcon, and all Anthony Daniels could say about Babu Frik is that he's a droid builder. Obviously, the actors were not at liberty to say anything too particular about these characters, which only makes things more intriguing. As if there wasn't enough about The Rise of Skywalker to theorize about, fans will now speculate how Boolio and Babu factor into the plot. In the case of Boolio, his presence on the Falcon suggests he could be part of Lando Calrissian's scoundrel crew. Babu looks like someone who aids the Resistance during their mission, and it's curious why they need a droid builder.

Since it's only a matter of time before The Rise of Skywalker gets a new theatrical trailer and the inevitable barrage of TV spots, it would be reasonable to assume there might be more glimpses of these two over the next couple of months. However, Star Wars marketing campaigns are renowned for their intense levels of secrecy, and Lucasfilm seems to have kicked things up a notch for the saga's finale. There's a lot they're keeping under wraps so far, and it'll be interesting to see what is unveiled during the next few months.

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