Star Wars 9: John Boyega 'Excited' By J.J. Abrams Directing

John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars The Last Jedi

John Boyega has offered his thoughts on J.J. Abrams coming in to write and direct Star Wars: Episode IX, expressing enthusiasm for the development. Last month, Lucasfilm went through their second directorial change of the year, bringing back Force Awakens helmsman Abrams to replace original Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow (who left the project following creative differences). The announcement proved to be somewhat divisive, as some saw Abrams as the "safe" choice and feared another original trilogy rehash was in order. Others felt this move was for the best, especially given the circumstances, and are excited to see what Abrams can come up with alongside co-writer Chris Terrio.

You can (unsurprisingly) count the sequel trilogy cast as members of that latter camp. After all, the likes of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver became integral parts of the galaxy far, far away because of Abrams, and they'll always be grateful for the opportunity. Previously, General Hux actor Domhnall Gleeson remarked Abrams' return to Star Wars would be "exciting for fans," and now Boyega has shared similar sentiments.

In an interview posted on YouTube channel Planéte Star Wars (hat tip Heroic Hollywood), Boyega was asked about Abrams finishing what he started back in 2015. In his typically humorous way, Boyega found a way to credit himself for bringing the Star Wars 9 director in:

“Yeah, I’m really happy [and] really excited. I actually sent him an email and asked him if the real reason is because he misses me. And I think that’s what it is – that’s the only reason why he came back, and I appreciate that.”

All kidding aside, it's no shock Boyega is pleased to work with Abrams again. By now, everyone knows how successful The Force Awakens was upon release, and Abrams deserves a lot of the credit for that. Channeling his lifelong love for Star Wars, he was able to craft an endearing and entertaining space opera that brought the franchise back to its roots and set the stage for a compelling future. When Episode VII first came out, many viewers were impressed by the performances of the new core group, as the younger characters carried the film and became instant fan-favorites. Abrams has demonstrated an ability to make a good Star Wars movie already, which is encouraging for all involved. For better or worse, he's a known commodity in Hollywood, and he should be able to bring the trilogy out on a high note.

Concerns about Abrams' sense of creativity are arguably overblown, but justified. The Force Awakens did mirror A New Hope in a few ways, though odds are that won't happen again on Episode IX. For starters, Abrams admitted any parallels were intentional to help ease the audience into a new era of Star Wars. It's also worth keeping in mind that he was enamored with Rian Johnson's script for The Last Jedi, Abrams wished he could have directed the sequel himself. Hopefully, whatever new rules Johnson creates inspire Abrams and Terrio to think outside the box, as our perception of what a Star Wars movie can be could change forever.

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Source: Planéte Star Wars (via Heroic Hollywood)

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