Star Wars 9: Gwendoline Christie Really Wants Phasma to Return

While the character didn’t get much to do in The Last Jedi, Gwendoline Christie really hopes Captain Phasma will return once more for Star Wars: Episode 9. Phasma first appeared in The Force Awakens and left a lasting impression thanks to her imposing chrome armor and manner. However, she only played a small role in the film before her former subordinate, Finn, and his allies dumped Phasma down a waste disposal chute on Starkiller Base, towards the end.

It was said Phasma would have a bigger role in The Last Jedi and would be actively gunning for Finn in the film. Ultimately though, Phasma's Last Jedi role was pretty minor and she appeared to plunge to a fiery death, following a short battle with Finn. It was a disappointing ending for the character, and has left many fans hoping against hope that Phasma will manage to dodge death yet again and return in Episode 9. The feeling is mutual for Christie, as it turns out.

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It certainly appears like The Last Jedi marked the end of the line for Phasma, but Christie still wants to come back for Episode 9. In an interview with The Times, Christie says she’s keen to explore the Phasma character in greater depth:

"In truth, I don't know. And that scares and upsets me because I really want to see this character explored. I'm actually very invested in the character now. And that's genuine. That's not just chat. It has opened up a chain of stories and events in my mind about who Phasma is."

While it’s entirely possible J.J. Abrams will engineer Captain Phasma's return for Episode 9, it feels somewhat pointless. The character has had little to no bearing on the story during her previous appearances, and many fans have drawn apt comparisons between Phasma and bounty hunter Boba Fett; they’re both characters with cool designs and interesting expanded universe stories, but they’re ultimately wasted in the actual movies. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson also made it clear Phasma’s role was always small because there wasn’t much for the character to do.

The dust is starting to settle a little on The Last Jedi, which has proved to be a divisive entry. The film’s handling of Luke Skywalker and key reveals such as the truth behind Rey’s parents have drawn a mixed response; some loved how it subverted expectations, while others feel it undermined the movie. Those debates are likely to rage for some time, and it will be interesting to see how Disney will react to those critiques with Episode 9.

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Star Wars Episode 9 will be in relatively safe hands though, with Force Awakens helmsman Abrams returning to round out the new trilogy following Colin Trevorrow’s departure as director last year.

Source: The Times (via Digital Spy)

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