John Boyega Teases Finn Using a Lighstaber in Star Wars 9

While assuring fans that they'll deliver on the promise of Star Wars: Episode 9, John Boyega may have hinted at Finn wielding a lightsaber again.

Finn might be wielding a lightsaber again in Star Wars: Episode IX, as implied by John Boyega's latest social media post. Director J.J. Abrams is back to close out the Star Wars sequel trilogy that he kicked off in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As the transition from Legacy characters to new key players is more than halfway finished following the events of last year's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the threequel is expected to spend more time with Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe (Oscar Isaac), Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and Finn.

Admittedly, Finn's personal arc in The Last Jedi was generally deemed the weakest in the film. Fans of the character were understandably dismayed with this considering his nifty introduction in The Force Awakens. Luckily, Boyega appears to be confident that his character will get the spotlight he rightfully deserves the next time fans see him on the big screen for the still-untitled Star Wars saga movie.

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Assuring a fan on Twitter that Episode IX will have a lot of great things in store for Finn, Boyega seemingly inadvertently confirmed that his Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance-fighter will wield a lightsaber again in the movie. The Force Awakens' promo posters memorably featured the character holding a blue saber, giving the impression at that time that he could be a Jedi (or a Jedi-in-the-making, at least) and breeding theories about his lineage. But as it turns out, it's actually Rey who is strong with the Force. Despite that, Finn still had his moment with Skywalker heirloom saber. Read the actor's full reply below:

Considering that Abrams was the mastermind behind Finn powering up a lightsaber and later attempting to take down Kylo Ren using it during the final action set piece in The Force Awakens, it's not outside the realm of possibility he'll use the iconic weapon again in Episode IX. The question is, whether or not he's become better able in using it in case a situation calls for him to protect himself or any of his allies with the weapon. That said, fans shouldn't take Boyega's latest social media update as a confirmation that this will most definitely play out on the big screen next December.

With the way Rian Johnson ended things in The Last Jedi, it's anybody's guess what could possibly happen in Star Wars: Episode IX. Going by Abrams' history, it wouldn't be surprising if he tried to infuse a bit of familiarity in the threequel. It can be remembered that while many commended Johnson for trying to expand the lore, there are those who felt like he went a step too far. It's worth noting that Abrams is not allowing Last Jedi backlash to influence Episode IX; recent reports of the sequel trilogy finale being a course correction for the franchise relate to the box office underperformance of Solo: A Star Wars Story. But with the film still more than a year away from hitting theaters, fans have a long time to wait before seeing if Lucasfilm made the right moves.

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