Star Wars: Finn Returning In Episode 9; Last Jedi 'Space Horses' Details

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Though Lucasfilm has not officially unveiled a cast list for 2019's Star Wars: Episode IX, John Boyega was able to confirm that he will reprise his now-famous role as Finn in the sequel trilogy finale. This set of films primarily concerns itself with Rey's story, following her journey from scavenger on Jakku to apprentice under Luke Skywalker, but she is just one cog in a larger wheel. Finn was essentially a co-lead alongside her in The Force Awakens, ultimately making the decision to fight against the First Order instead of running away. Once Finn recovers from his injuries he suffered at the hands of Kylo Ren, he'll be an active member of the Resistance, furthering his bromance with Poe Dameron and going on an adventure with Kelly Marie Tran's Rose.

Finn was lucky enough to escape one near-death experience before, taking a lightsaber blade to the back on Starkiller base, so there's no telling what dangers await him in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While he no doubt will take part in some thrilling set pieces and put his life on the line for the cause, he won't meet his noble end in Episode VIII. Finn is slated to return once more in Star Wars 9.

In an interview with Making Star Wars from last month's Star Wars Celebration Boyega talked a little bit about the future, saying he doesn't know what happens to his character down the road, but revealing he is signed on for Episode IX. Granted, this isn't the biggest surprise given Finn's status as one of the principal players in the new movies, but it's still nice to know he will be a part of all three installments. Thanks to Boyega's natural charisma, Finn quickly became a fan-favorite, and viewers can't wait to see his continued evolution.

Finn and Captain Phasma in Star Wars The Force Awakens

As exciting as this glance into the future is, it's important to not lose sight of the present. For all the attention Rey and Luke Skywalker have received in the early going, the ongoing war between the Resistance and the First Order will be a key aspect of the film - as the galaxy has devolved into a chaotic state. Finn will be at the forefront of all this, allegedly going on a mission for the Resistance that eventually requires him to go undercover. Apparently, his quest takes him to the new planet Canto Bight (with Rose along for the ride), where he will take part in an action sequence involving "space horse" creatures known as Falthiers.

A separate report from Making Star Wars described the Falthiers, saying they are essentially "high dollar race horses" on the casino world. Their color is a shade of beige, and the head is a mix between the tauntaun and Neverending Story's luck dragon. One Falthier plays a large role in a scene where Finn and Rose are being chased by people in "luxury speeders." The two heroes sneak into a stable and steal a Falthier to make a high-speed getaway. They manage to defeat their pursuers in a battle and make their way to a cafe to meet their contact. This cafe supposedly resembles Charlie and the Chocolate Factory due to its extravagance and color palate. From the sound of it, it's quite different than anything viewers have seen in the Star Wars saga before, a refreshing development for those hoping The Last Jedi takes the series in new directions. With all the speculation about Canto Bight, it will likely be showcased in later marketing materials as the premiere gets closer.

Whether it's this secret mission in Last Jedi or the chance to help in the (possible) final strike against the First Order in Episode IX, there are obviously some big things in store for Finn as the sequel trilogy progresses. It's nice that the filmmakers are making sure they balance out the screen time so each member of the ensemble has their own substantial arc. That's one of the reasons why the original trilogy resonated so strongly; it wasn't just about Luke's training. Audiences wants to know where Rey comes from and why Skywalker lost faith in the Jedi, but all the characters are just as important.

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