Star Wars 9 Casting "Stern-Faced Individuals"; Possibly For Finn-Poe Scene

Finn and Poe in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Episode IX is currently in the process of casting extras, possibly for a scene involving Finn and Poe Dameron. Perhaps mercifully, it's been mostly quiet on Lucasfilm's movie front ever since Solo debuted in theaters back in May. However, things are going to heat back up in the near future. Director J.J. Abrams is going to start rolling the cameras by the end of this month, meaning he's finalizing the movie's cast. Already, Keri Russell and Billy Dee Williams have joined the ensemble, but there could be more roles that need to be filled.

When it comes to Star Wars movies, even the smallest parts generate much interest, especially since fans are eager to learn anything they can about upcoming projects. Casting descriptions usually provide clues about the story, and it sounds like a classic franchise trope is about to make its return.

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According to the Making Star Wars podcast (hat tip That Hashtag Show), Episode IX is currently looking to add "stern-faced individuals" for a scene that will film in August. Apparently, it involves Finn and Poe in a bar, suggesting this could be Star Wars 9's version of the cantina scene. Most movies in the series have a sequence set inside some kind of establishment, so it would make sense for Episode IX to as well.

Another interesting aspect of this is the implication Finn and Poe will be together for a stretch of the movie. The two became very fast friends in The Force Awakens, but haven't had much time to play off each other in the previous films. While this approach has led to some compelling individual character arcs, many fans would like to see the sequel trilogy cast share the screen for a significant amount of time. It's already been hinted that Finn will be by Rey's side for most of the film, but it'd be great to get more of Finn with Poe. Their instant chemistry is one of Episode VII's highlights, and John Boyega and Oscar Isaac deserve an opportunity to flesh out that relationship further. Their brief interactions in The Last Jedi were fun, but even in that film, they were off doing their own things.

Of course, Rey still has her own storylines to resolve, particularly her conflict with Kylo Ren. At this point in the sequels, it's difficult to see how Finn could be of much help to his friend there, so perhaps Finn and Poe embark on their own mission while Rey goes off to fulfill her destiny and have a final showdown with Kylo. Regardless of how things shape up, fan can take solace in knowing the film is in great hands with its young cast. There may be less of an emphasis on legacy character this time around (Lando notwithstanding), but the new generation has already won viewers over.

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Source: Making Star Wars Podcast (via That Hashtag Show)

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